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Artisan POS Software


Works like a Cash Register… but does so much more!


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Payment Processing

Accept Credit, Debit, EMV, ApplePay, GoogleWallet, and More.


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Know More About Your Business


Artisan helps manage your store and makes reports so you can make better decisions.

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Buy Smarter

Know more about which products are selling better.


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Artisan POS Fits Many Industries

Artisan is specialized for you.


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Take Control of Your Inventory

Artisan POS tracks your inventory so you know what you have and what’s on order.


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The Point-of-Sale Your Business Deserves!

Tons of Products

Artisan can hold a large number of inventory items…

Some stores have 100,000… there’s no limit.


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Jewelry Tags

Artisan prints bar codes on tiny labels and various jewelry tags.


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Artisan Works for Art

Consignment and owned inventory is just the beginning…


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Regain Control of Your Business

The key to good decision-making.

Build Customer Loyalty

Learn what your customers want!

Streamline Your Sales Process

Eliminate bottlenecks and make customer payment options a non-issue.

Finally, there’s a modern POS Software program with conventional wisdom…

  • Software available for purchase, no on-going software license fees.
  • Keep Your Data!
    (Unlike cloud based systems which take your system away when you stop paying)
  • Buy once and stick with it… or purchase fairly priced upgrades and support plans.
  • Installed software, reliable, not dependent on the Internet!
  • U.S. based, in-house technical phone & email support…
    well trained, not scripted, experts to assist when necessary.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there two versions of Artisan POS?
16 years ago we started out with 1.0 and of course have progressed into Artisan POS Version 3.5. We now call this line our “Classic Edition”. 3.5 is well seasoned and offers features that are still not yet available in the 4.x series.

4.x is a complete re-write and has a whole new look. According to our fans, we managed to keep the same easy feel, but upgraded it into something more modern, more flexible, built on a stronger SQL Database foundation. We also introduced the ability to run the exact same program natively on a Mac. We still love our PC’s, but now we also welcome our new Mac friends.

If you are interested in any of the two versions, please find more information on this website or contact us to help you.

If you’d like to see more about the differences between the two, check out this page.

When will Artisan POS 4.1 be available?
Artisan POS Version 4.1 is available now for Mac & PC!  Recently added in 4.1 is Loyalty Clubs, Accounts Receivable, Product Variants, and more. Next up on the Feature list in 4.2 is Multi-Store. Other features such as BOGO and Multi-Vendor (per item), and much more are on horizon. Check out our Feature Release Schedule to see what’s coming!


What operating systems does Artisan work on?
Artisan 4.x works on both Windows 7 to 10, and Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or better. You can even have a combination of Mac & PC’s. Put a PC as your register and have a Mac for your office PC for example.


Is Artisan cloud-based?
No, Artisan 4.x uses a stand-alone database engine installed on the store’s main computer/site that serves all computers no matter where they are. There is the option to make backups to cloud services but this is a add-on to Artisan itself.


Does Artisan integrate with payment processors?
Yes, Artisan 4.x has several options we have hand-picked for your benefits. Artisan also supports any processor as long as they integrate with BridgePay Gateway but this option requires more customization on your part.


How many stations can I have per store?
As many as you are licensed for. We have tested a maximum of 20 stations at one specific location running successfully on all tasks but this scenario has a been a professional setup with multiple high-end servers that supports the connectivity of many computers at the time.


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We offer a feature-rich Point-of-Sale application that runs successfully in all kinds of stores from Apparel to Zoos, and much more. Since Artisan fits well with so many industries, it is very likely that we will work well with yours. Call us to learn more about how Artisan can work for your specific requirements.

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