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A guide to Product Variants in Artisan POS software [Video]


One of the many powerful tools contained in our Artisan P-O-S software is our “Product Variants” feature – sometimes known as a color/size matrix. Many types of products have variations such as color, size, shape, flavor, packaging and more.

Artisan makes tracking these types of products easier and provides useful information including stock levels, on order amounts and sales volume at a glance.

For example: Your shop may sell a line of t-shirts with different designs, but all coming in the same size options. With Artisan, you can answer questions such as: How many Mediums total do you have on hand, or how many did you sell this month?

Artisan P-O-S allows up to nine variations per product, and there’s no limit to the number of choices per variation. Each variation can have its own barcode for instant lookup, or you can drill down into each variant one at a time. Say you are selling ice cream cones and you want to track the flavors, sizes and type of cone. Artisan will prompt you for the flavor, then the number of scoops, then the cone type or bowl.

There are plenty of uses for Product Variants – including everyday items such as case packs, singles, clothing, shoes, food service, shipping fees, special services and so much more. To learn more about what Artisan P-O-S can do for your business, get in touch today. Thanks for watching!