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Choosing Artisan for Mac or PC: What you should know [Video]


With CerTek Software’s Artisan you get the choice to run native P-O-S on Mac, P-C or a combination of both. What makes Artisan unique is that it does not use browser-based technology and instead runs directly on each platform, sharing data across a Sequel server network.

That’s right, you can share live data between Mac and P-C! Not to mention Artisan looks largely the same on both platforms, with only minor differences. With both options available, the hard part is deciding which platform to choose for your business. Here are a few benefits for each:

For starters, Macs generally have a more stable operating system and are less prone to viruses. They can also be easier to use for some people. Not to mention their sleek and stylish design also makes them an attractive option.

P-Cs are often less user friendly, but offer more customization. Programs are easier to install and configure, and maintaining hardware peripherals is a snap. Additionally, there are more third-party hardware choices, such as touch screens.

Of course, why not use both? A compromise may be a P-C as a register and a Mac in the back for office functions. Of course Artisan will run perfectly fine on either thanks to our industry-leading P-O-S software design.