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Improved customer loyalty programs as part of Artisan POS 4.1 [Video]


As part of a host of expanded features found in Artisan P-O-S four-point-one, CerTek Software offers industry-leading customer loyalty program functionality. Designed to get your customers coming back again and again, the new loyalty club program encourages active sign-up and engagement, either by having shoppers present a card or as a reminder on their sales receipt.

Once established, the club program can be endlessly customized: ID cards can feature bar codes for quick selection, points can be accumulated based on a specific product or group of products, and coupons can be automatically generated once a customer reaches a certain amount of points.

Set up as many programs as you want, but don’t worry – all coupons are tracked by the Artisan POS software.

To learn more about what Artisan POS four-point-one can do for your business, get in touch today. Thanks for watching!