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Should you upgrade to Windows 10?

POS NewsSmall Business Tips Should you upgrade to Windows 10?

When it comes to downloading a software upgrade, newer is better, right? This may not be the case when it comes to Windows 10. You don't have to look far to hear stories about the hassle and ongoing compatibility issues that have plagued the most recent version of the popular operating system: From tech giant Samsung recommending some laptop and PC customers not upgrade their operating system, to the seemingly dirty tricks Microsoft has employed to force some users into upgrading, many PC users are not happy with the latest offering and its rollout.

No choice but to upgrade?
By all accounts, the Windows 10 operating system is functional – though many look askance at the fact it comes loaded with ads and junky, freemium services.  At CerTek Software, we have heard from many customers who have gotten accidentally upgraded to Windows 10. This usually occurs after users spot an annoying little pop-up, prompting them to "Get Windows 10." The pop-up is designed to show you when your upgrade is scheduled to occur, with a very small option to "cancel scheduled upgrade." More deceptively, clicking to close the pop-up without canceling or rescheduling the upgrade now acts as consent for the Windows 10 upgrade. In a way, this can effectively eliminate your right to choose. 

Beyond being a somewhat dubious practice, this forced upgrade can lead to costly and frustrating interruptions of a small business. Windows 10 is a little more complicated than previous operating systems and offers a completely new interface to learn. This can be especially tough for some of our customers who don't have plenty of computer experience, and let's face it: Any change you aren't prepared for causes grief for a small business.  

"Windows 10 isn't going to change the way Artisan POS runs, or make it faster or slower."

CerTek Software to the rescue!
That's where we come in. We have designed and tested Artisan POS so that it runs just fine on Windows 10. The only issues associated with the upgrade relate to printer drivers, especially receipt and label printers, that may need to download driver updates. Your networking may need some prodding, because Microsoft 10 changes default networking settings. Luckily, there is a patch that repairs a now broken connection between Artisan and our report viewer. You can download the patch by clicking here

Windows 10 isn't going to change the way Artisan runs, or make it faster or slower. Rather, it changes the layout and accessibility of your desktop. It will change how you surf the internet and perform other tasks on your computer. It changes the way you launch programs. System administrators should create new desktop shortcuts to make it easier for existing users to start up Artisan.

CerTek Software officially recommends upgrading to Windows 10, if you choose, for increased security and stability, but encourages our customers to do it at a time that is most convenient for them. If you are hesitant to upgrade or would like to avoid getting duped into consenting to an upgrade you never asked for, we recommend that, when prompted, you click the section that reads "Click here to change upgrade schedule or cancel scheduled upgrade." PCWorld has a guide to the app that may be helpful

Alternatively, programs like Never10 – designed by well-known software developer Steve Gibson – allow you to disable Windows from automatically upgrading to Microsoft's latest operating system if you are looking for something simpler and more lasting. Even still, it is fully reversible and can be deactivated at a later date if you decide you want the upgrade. CerTek software cannot vouch fully for Never10, but the simple application is well-reviewed and vetted by PC Magazine.

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