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The benefits of an eco-friendly business [Video]


You’re probably used to going green by recycling at home. But small businesses are prime candidates for an eco-friendly makeover – and the benefits for business owners can be significant.

For instance, easy energy conservation strategies can add up to significant savings. Simply turning off or unplugging neon signs at night can bring your electricity bills down significantly. Even better, install timers or motion sensors that automatically shut off lights when they’re not needed.

Another solution is to go paperless where possible. Take steps to transition to a paperless business, where all communications are viewed on-screen rather than being printed out. 

Finally, why not consider installing solar panels on the roof of your business? The panels are typically quite affordable, generate clean and renewable energy, bring down electricity bills and are eligible for tax rebates and E-P-A federal grants.

Finally, going green may be a benefit in terms of advertising and P-R. People like businesses that have strong ideals, and conversation and protecting the environment has a broad appeal. 

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