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What is EMV and how does it keep consumers safe? [Video]

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You’ve probably have heard about the change in merchant payment card processing in the US, focused on businesses accepting cards with the new chip. This new credit card technology is called EMV, standing for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, and the rest of the world has been using EMV for some time now.

The newer technology will deter some incidents of credit card fraud, but there are still plenty of places for thieves to take advantage. As a retailer you should be diligent with your policies and aware of how to protect your business.

CerTek Software has been working closely with our three merchant processing providers to offer integrated theft prevention solutions. This includes programs currently in place as well as a few just about to be launched. CerTek also has gateway services that you can use with any processor.

Although not all processors are certified on every platform, our upstream partners are working on certifying their solutions with all the major players, such as First Data, Global, TSYS and more.

CerTek is excited to enter into this new phase of payment processing and we are ready to assist you with navigating the choices of hardware and software solutions. As always, trust CerTek software for all your retail POS needs. Thanks for watching!