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General Retail

Kitchen Store

“We found Certek to be immediately responsive to our needs and really appreciated their time and patience with customizing Artisan to some of the special marketing programs we’ve implemented here at Birmingham Bake & Cook Company.” read more

Home Accents

The whole team at CerTek is terrific. They were a big help in getting our Point of Sale system set up in our first store location five years ago. We have found the register, inventory and customer components of the system to be quite intuitive and easy to use. The CerTek team is always there for us. They respond quickly whenever we have questions, need guidance or on the rare occasions that we need troubleshooting. They have been with us as we’ve doubled and then tripled the size of our store and needed to add additional registers and work stations. Our business success has been helped by all the tools that the Artisan system provides to us. Customer service from CerTek is top notch and every interaction with anyone on their staf f is a helpful and positive experience. Thanks for all you do! Bill Bill Curtis & Ed Menapace, Owners The Farmhouse... read more

The Cook’s Nook

Our experience with CerTek was great. We compared a number of POS systems and CerTek’s pricing was extremely competitive. All of the equipment was shipped on time and complete. The installation was very user-friendly. When we needed assistance, the CerTek staff were easy to reach and very proactive in getting our system up and running. Our store has now been open over three months and CerTek’s ongoing support has been excellent. Their staff are friendly and responsive. If we need anything they are just a phone call away. Debbie Kouri, Owner The Cook’s... read more

Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center

General Retail – Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center “We are pleased to report that many volunteers, who were even hesitant about using cash registers, now actually enjoy using the Artisan system.” December 30, 2004: Dear David, Working with volunteers as we do, it was important that we find a very user-friendly system for our five locations. We are pleased to report that many volunteers, who were even hiesitant about using cash register, now actually enjoy using the Artisan system. It was a quantum leep for us, from the antiquated dos-based system to the new Artisan Point of Sale System. Where it occasionally took up to half an hour to close and settle a shop, we now do it in a minute. It was important on many levels that the Retail Division of the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center be brought up to date, as we pretty much set the bar in retail operations for performing arts centers both here and in the United States and throughout the world. With over 1300 indvidual inventory items, most of which relate to the performing arts, offered at five distinct retail locations within a large city block, we are a virtual chain of stores which thankfully are now linked and managed with the Artisan POS system. Thank you and your associates at Certek for their tireless efforts on our behalf and for their guidance and assistance at every turn. Very truly yours, Roger Carlton Sherman, Director of Retail Operations, TBPAC 2008 Update: Dear Kay, I just wanted to drop a line and to thank you, Laurie, Michael, David  and all the others for... read more

One World Market

Dear CerTek, We want to let you know how pleased we are with your point of sale system. We have used it now for almost a year, and with no problems at all! It runs smoothly and is so easy to work with. Many thanks for creating such an excellent system. Sincerely, Curt Bayer Manager, One World Market, Ithaca,... read more

The Hallman Company

Retail Consultant The Hallman Company recommends these sources for retail inventory systems or retail POS software, and retail accountants: When asked by our retail clients to recommend or refer a retail inventory system or retail POS software provider, we only recommend those companies where the software is created, marketed, and supported by the same company. We have seen entirely too many disasters in client stores where they bought a pos software system from an independent distributer, then were “trained” to operate it by a customer support company which may be attempting to support a retail system one minute and the next minute be attempting to help someone else operate a system which was designed to read and analyze earthquake tremors. When nothing worked right, the retailers were lost in a sea of buck passing- from the distributor to the support group and from the support group to the manufacturer. Those problems are eliminated when the people who build it, sell it, and support it are all the same people. Naturally, any retail inventory system we recommend must be fairly priced for the marketplace, have an outstanding support and customer service department, and above all must provide the right kind of actionable information a retailer needs to grow their business and boost profits. Based on our clients experience, with very heavy weight placed on the continuing service and support after the sale, CerTek Software is our recommendation: Click to visit the Hallman Company... read more


Holly Hill Urban Style

Here is another Clothing/Apparel After extensive research, we chose Artisan for our point of sale system. We looked at many different brands from one size fits all to overly complex high cost systems. We run a women’s clothing store with a total inventory of about 2000 items. The Artisan system makes inventory management a breeze and efficiently handles sales transactions, pricing tickets, customer receipts, credit card transactions and order entry. Customer support is just a phone call away, but we seldom need to use it. Two other local businesses have switched to Artisan from other brands after seeing how ours performs. Highly recommended. Ray Raffa Owner Holly Hill Urban... read more

South Bend Uniform

So let it be written, so let it be done 🙂 You guys are awesome Kay. Thank you for helping my business to succeed, you are an integral part! Jason Barthel South Bend Uniform read more

Old Florida Outfitters

Thanks so much for all of your help in getting us set up with Artisan. We are officially up and running!! So far everything is running smoothly and the system is very user friendly. We are figuring things out very easily! I am very excited to have a system that helps us run things more efficiently. Everyone at Artisan has been so nice and helpful to work with and has made this transition very easy! Look forward to working with all of you in the future! Thanks so much! Laura Mansour Old Florida... read more

East Bay Clothiers

Apparel – East Bay Clothiers – Fairhope, AL “No system was as easy to track customers, inventory, and print labels.” June 24, 2006: Dear David and Mark, It was very important that we find a system that would bring our clothing store up to date. We decided to expand and needed a system that would be invaluable to our new location. Artisan did just that. We compared many systems to Artisan. No system was as easy to track customers, inventory, and print labels. We thrive on customer service and this system has allowed us to keep track of customer accounts so that our customers are continuously satisfied. We would like to say thank you Artisan for making our job easier and more enjoyable. It has truly been the most simplistic system. Our trainees have been complimented time and time again on their ability to learn the ins and outs of this software in no time at all. We will without a doubt recommend this system to all retail stores in the area. Many Thanks, Lauren... read more

G Harvell Mens Clothier

Apparel – G Harvell Mens Clothier – Mobile, AL “This was the best money I have spent; I just wish I had done it years ago.” Wed, 1 Aug 2007: To Whom It May Concern, I have to tell you the Certek POS system is the best I have seen. In years past I dealt with major department stores and this system does as much as there system would do, relating to sales and inventories. It gives superb sales information, but more importantly it gives great inventory reports. The aspect that impresses me the most is the ability to go back in time to retrieve past sales and inventories, most POS systems do not give you that ability. Their month end reports are as detailed or as streamlined as you want them to be. This was the best money I have spent; I just wish I had done it years ago. Greg Harvell,... read more

Lara Inc

Apparel – Lara Inc – Birmingham, AL “I looked at Artisan as well as other software. Artisan was by far the most user-friendly and definitely fit within my budget.” I wanted to write to you to let you know how pleased I am with my Artisan software. Last year as I began to open my ladies apparel boutique, I started looking for a point of sale software. I looked at Artisan as well as other software. Artisan was by far the most user-friendly and definitely fit within my budget. Artisan met all of my needs for managing a clothing boutique. Once the software was installed, my employees found it very easy to use and were able to use it proficiently within a couple of days of practice. Artisan’s customer service has been quick to respond to any questions that I have had. Also, I would like to thank you for personally working with my business consultant to create a customized report for us. Thanks for everything you have done and keep up the good work!! Lara Seelhorst, owner EDITOR’S NOTE: That custom report was incorporated into the main program several years ago and is now a very popular report called, “Merchandise Performance... read more

Babe’s Shoes & Apparel

Babe’s Shoes & Apparel – Lakeland, FL “I bought the Artisan system in July 2007 and love it..” I bought the Artisan system in July 2007 and love it.   They are located in Dunedin, FL and the support comes from this location in USA.   Before this I did my business (opened 1988) with handwritten invoices and pencil.  My employees find the program user friendly and easy to learn.  I highly recommend the Artisan POS system. Faye Doppelheuer, Babe’s Shoes & Apparel, Lakeland,... read more


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Costume Rentals

Drop Me A Line

Costume Rentals – Drop Me A Line – Allentown, PA “During the frantic season of Halloween, I did not have a need to call customer support at all.” October 28, 2010: To Whom It May Concern: About four years ago I came across Certek Software’s Artisan Point of Sale Software and was impressed with the demonstration that was given.  What impressed me the most was its ability to deal with rentals and rental reservations.  I was also very impressed with the price of the software. At that time, I had a system not designed for point of sale.  It was a backroom solution and was only useful for orders and checking in products.   Over the next few years I ran across David and Kurt at a number of shows in our area and the more I looked the more impressed I became with the flexibility of the system. It had just about everything I could hope for except one thing.  Our biggest problem at Halloween has been the amount of time it takes to hand wright our rental forms.  We were loosing customers that could not or would not wait for our slow system.  At the Chicago Halloween show in 2005 Kurt and I talked about my problems and he assured me this could be solved by swiping our driver’s license and scanning or typing the costume number into their system.  The only thing I would have to enter is my customer’s telephone number and rental date.  Imagine that the rental paperwork complete sent to the register and printed in less than 30 seconds.  This upgrade would take some... read more

Dive Shops

Lake Norman SCUBA

Dive Shop – Lake Norman SCUBA – NC “Many other programs, which appear to be dive shop focused, lack the key features that make Artisan such an excellent point of sale…” October 27, 2006: To Whom It May Concern: We have been using CerTek Software’s Artisan Point of Sale Software to manage our dive shop for the past couple years. The Artisan Point of Sale system has provided us an effective way to handle our daily sales, customer records, inventory and employees.   Many other programs, which appear to be dive shop focused, lack the key features that make Artisan such an excellent point of sale and sales management program.  Customer purchase and payment history, service and rental records and daily/monthly reporting features provide a simple, yet complete way to manage our business.  In addition, the program is straight-forward and easy to use, which has made training our employees a smooth and painless process. Our business has grown significantly over the past years and Artisan has grown with us.  From a single cash register to multiple stores, Artisan has offered a flexibility and consistency that has allowed us to thrive.  We have also received excellent customer service and advice from the CerTek Software team, helping us to make sound software choices for our business needs.  Accordingly, I have no hesitation in recommending them as a company with which to do business. Andrew & Danielle Katsamas, Owners – Lake Norman... read more

Fun 2 Dive

Dive Shop – Fun 2 Dive – Sanford, FL “I think this is the easiest and best system on the market!” I really want to thank you for all your help setting up your system in my store. I think this is the easiest and best system on the market! Very easy to use, even for a guy like me. I really like the bar code system, it makes things much quicker at checkout. I look forward to a continued relationship with your company. I will glady recommend your produt to other stores and I think that your software is a great edition to the diving industry. Sincerely, Captian Joe Detrick,... read more

Fine Craft

Art for the Soul

I had 2 other POS systems in 17 years before Artisan and Artisan are by far the best. From the very beginning I was Happy. Starting from their salesman to their support. Changing and transferring all my data from my old POS system, but they made it as smooth as possible. They are always improving and updating. They are a pleasure to work with!! Thank you Artisan. Valinda Martin Art for the Soul – Balboa Island and Laguna Beach... read more

Show of Hands

Fine Craft – Show of Hands – Denver “We were terrified… …their support team in Tampa made this transition smooth…” March 29, 2009 For three days in March of 2009, David & Mark were flown in from Tampa, Florida to install the Artisan Point of Sale system at our gallery here in Denver, Colorado and to train us on how to use it. We were terrified. This was an historical event for the business. For more than 15 years, the gallery had been operating on a DOS based, floppy disk computer system developed specifically for the American Craft industry. For the first 11 years, the business ran on pencil and carbonless paper. Kurt seamlessly transferred our “Craftshop” data into Artisan and we had all the merchandise retagged with bar codes in less than a week. We had no gaps in inventory accuracy as we were able to close out February on Craftshop and have all March transactions on Artisan. David, Mark and their support team in Tampa made this transition smooth, exciting and educational. Their professionalism, knowledge and commitment to customer service were indeed delivered as part of their package. Their time commitment (7:30 a.m. hotel pickups were not MY idea!), their efficiency and their ability to trouble shoot and problem solve were also indeed proven. Thank you David, Mark and ALL the folks at Artisan for helping us mainstream our business on so many different levels and for making the installation both fun and painless! Respectfully, Deb Kneale & Douglas Brugger Show of Hands, Denver, CO     ... read more

Julia Rush

Fine Craft – julia rush – Hickory NC “The software is perfect for what we are selling” December 20, 2004 For 3 years we’ve been using the CerTek software…and for 3 years we have been 100% satisfied with the product, the service, everything! If we have a problem, we pick up the phone and we talk with someone immediately or within a little while when they return our phone call. And they are PATIENT with us when we are frustrated and don’t know what to do! I have a craft gallery and the software is perfect for what we are selling. One of the nicest things is that the CerTek “crew” speaks our language…they know about the craft business, our terminology, our needs. Without a doubt, these are great people with a great product! Sincerely, Julia Rush, owner –julia rush- Fine Crafts, Hickory, NC In 2009 we went back to interview Julia. Click HERE  to watch the... read more

Kane Marie Fine Arts

Fine Craft – Kane Marie Fine Arts – Virginia Beach, VA “Okay, I have to say this – your POS system is the easiest one I’ve ever used.” Dear David & Kurt, Okay, I have to say this – your POS system is the easiest one I’ve ever used. We had been looking for a system to use for our art gallery for some time. I heard about your program from a friend who has a frame shop and I called for the demo. You remember, I was the one with all those goofy questions! You guys had almost everything I was looking for, from an integrated cash register and inventory system to a tracking and reporting system for daily sales AND the things that you didn’t have then, you’ve since developed, like the consignment features. As one of the top 100 retailers of American Craft and one of the top 25 retailers of designer jewelry in the country, we carry 697 artists currently and it is essential that we keep accurate records. Your system has made my job much easier! It has also been very user friendly for all of our employees as we’ve made the transition to using the computerized cash register. We can’t wait to make the upgrade to bar code and scanners, too! Keep up the great work! Sincerely, Antoinette deAlteriis, Kane Marie... read more


Fine Craft – Wickwire – Hendersonvill, NC “We want to compliment you on your user-friendly system and technical assistance.” We want to compliment you on your user-friendly system and technical assistance. In 2001 Artisan Point of Sales Software was installed at our Gallery – WICKWIRE fine/art/folk art Gallery located in Western North Carolina. The core component is complete and we would like to thank you for personally managing the system setup. Now as our business grows., Artisan is here maniipulating data, providing inventory control and valued customer information. In the busy retail environment, satisfaction with support services and hardware maintenance is paramount and we have not been disappointed. Your promise and your guarantee really do mean something. We are certain you care about the industry and us! Sincerely, Shirley Palmer-Hill, Owner, WICKWIRE... read more

Blu Zebra Gallery

Fine Craft – Blu Zebra Gallery – Denver, CO “With the myriad of details involved with owning and managing a retail craft gallery, it was refreshing to find a software program that was easy from day one.” With the myriad of details involved with owning and managing a retail craft gallery, it was refreshing to find a software program that was easy from day one. It is easy to install, easy to input inventory, easy to print labels, and easy to get reports. Most important, it was designed for the small gallery, yet has big business features… Sincerely, Patricia Garcia,... read more

ArtWare Inc.

ArtWare Inc. – Hilton Head SC “Dollar for dollar, this is the best system out there. Easy to set up and maintain, and Customer Service had the answer every time.” Dear Kurt, I have been very thrilled with your Artisan Storefront software. I’ve shared your information booklet with others and recommend it to new companies. I can’t understand why, with your inventory system being so easy to set up and maintain, any new business would go without! Dollar for dollar, this is the best system out there. Easy to set up and maintain, and Customer Service had the answer every time. The first time I received new stock and it asked if I wanted to print labels, I was thrilled! The consignment tracking is a godsend for a gallery like mine. Thank you for all the hard work that went into developing this program and for keeping it affordable to upstarts like ArtWare! Jennifer Megliore, Owner, ArtWare, Inc., Hilton Head,... read more


Burda Brothers, Inc.

Dear Kay, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what a pleasure it is to work with Certek and Artisan! With the help of all the fantastic staff at Certek, Artisan has enabled us to streamline our business on many levels. The ease of installation and maintenance of data gives us the ability to concentrate on growing our business – no worries when it comes to reports and information needed at any time. We are hooked on Artisan! Looking forward to continuing our business relationship with you! Thank you. Sincerely, Elissa Burda Burda Brothers,... read more

Jakes fireworks

“In a seasonal business, like fireworks, having a reliable point-of-sale platform can mean the difference between posting a profit or a loss for the year. Since 2002 we have relied on Artisan to provide us with that rock-solid platform. Certek is low cost, low maintenance, and easy to use. Its straight-foward interface is second to none.” Thanks, Ben Benjamin Turner, CIO... read more

Gift Shops

Blue Ridge Bears & Gifts

Gift Shop – Blue Ridge Bears & Gifts – Roanoke “Artisan POS is the third point of sale software we have tested and used in our store and it is by far the best…” April 23, 2003: Dear David & Kurt, I love Artisan POS Plus, and my employees love it. Artisan POS is the third point of sale software we have tested and used in our store and it is by far the best; it is easy to set up and easy to use. Susan, my longest-term employee has been here for all threee systems. She never could use or learn the first two systems, because she is part time and only works about 10 hours a week. Never enought time to learn how those systems worked. Now at least once a month she tells me how much she loves the new system – your system. She has made many sales that would have been lost because she was able to look up items from stock availability and price. She loves helping customers and things the customer lookup and items purchases is the greatest thing going. Our store has a great deal of employee turnover, and training new people to run the register is no longer a problem. We show them how to ring up a sale once, and they can get it. People wihout computer experience, we show them a couple of times and they get it. Many times we have people return merchandise without a receipt, and being a very strong customer service store, we are able to look up the person’s account and take care... read more

Blake Medical Hospital

Gift Shop – Blake Medical Hospital – Bradenton, FL “[Artisan] has proven to be an effective and easy-to-learn system for our hospital volunteers.” October 11, 2007: To Whom It May Concern: Our Hospital Gift Shop purchased Artisan this past year, and it has proven to be an effective and easy-to-learn system for our hospital volunteers.  I had been asked to facilitate the purchase of a Point-of-Sale system for our Volunteer Auxiliary’s Gift Shop because I knew about computers, but I had never worked in the retail field.  Artisan was extremely easy for me to learn in a short period of time, and our older volunteers soon came to appreciate it for the many steps that it saved them. Even the initial entry of our existing stock did not take long, and the manual made each step along the way simply to understand and to put into place.  The staff at Artisan is extremely helpful and willing to go the extra mile when questions or concerns occurred. The Artisan Point-of-Sale system has given our Gift Shop Volunteers new enthusiasm and fresh ideas to find ways to improve our cash flow.  I highly recommend any retail business to consider purchasing this system. Sincerely, Nancy K. Ely, Gift Shop Consultant, Blake Medical Center Gift... read more

Unique Accent

Gift Shop – Unique Accents – Northbrook, IL “I highly recommend them for a retail operation.” July 7, 2008: To whom it may concern: I have been a Certek customer for 6 years. I highly recommend them for a retail operation. They are very professional and have addressed my needs since our inception in 2002. Their follow up is excellent and are continually updating our program to enhance our system. Sincerely, Gary Fersten, Unique... read more

Judaica-Har Zion Temple

Judaica – Har Zion Temple – Penn Valley, PA “We are thrilled with your Artisan Software.” February 27, 2002: Dear Kurt & David, We are thrilled with your Artisan Software. We researched systems from our gift shop for six months and we were unable to find any as reasonably priced as yours. It does more for us that we ever anticipated and it was all for such a small price. Your support has been excellent and your patieence with us as we were getting started was much appreciated. Our volunteers are learning to use it and they appreciate how easy it is to use. Many thanks again. Sincerly, Jean Herz, Sisterhood Vice President, Gift... read more

Earth Treasures

General Retail – Earth Treasures – Keene, NH “We here at Earth Treasures wanted to thank you for your outstanding support as we install and setup our Artisan POS system.” We here at Earth Treasures wanted to thank you for your outstanding support as we install and setup our Artisan POS system. Everything is up and running great. We feel this would not have been possible without the support of your knowledgeable and courteous staff. We would like to extend a special thank you to Christine and David, as they were very helpful and patient in answering our questions, and providing support. We have enclosed copies of the invoices and sales slips we are using fo ryou to see, and linclude in your listing of very satisfied customers. Again we thank you, and hope if you’re in the neighborhood you will drop by to see us. Best regards, Dave, Doug,... read more

Adath Israel Judaica Shop

“You have been very patient and wonderful!” Dear David, I can’t thank you enough for listening and taking care of me with the computer and the software. You have been very patient and wonderful! Please tell your staff that I appreciate their kindness also. Thanks Again, Robyn Gold, Chairman, Adath Israel Judaica Shop – Cincinnati, OH     Judaica – Adath Israel Judaica... read more


Be Jeweled

“Since my first encounter with Certek while searching for a POS system 15 years ago, I have had nothing short of excellent service. Certek software offers a well priced, user friendly product backed by real people well qualified in their fields of expertise. It has been of the utmost reassurance through the years to know there is always a professional and familiar voice just a phone call away to answer any needs or questions I may have. I highly recommend Certek for anyone in need of a POS system.” All the best, Pamela Be... read more

Party Supply & Rental

Party Treasures

Party Supply – Party Treasures – Sebastian, FL “Your software is so easy to work with that any new employee I have is able to pick it up immediately without a lot of training.” January 2, 2007: To all at CerTek Software: I would like to thank all of you for all your assistance over the past year. It has been a real pleasure to work with all of you with my computer needs. your software is so easy to work with that any new mployee I have is able to pick it up immediately without a lot of training. Thanks again for a great product and for the wonderful service received by all. I look forward to working with you in the year to come. may your company prosper in 2007. Thanks again, Gwen Diven, Party Treasures, LLC –... read more


Windy City Scrapbooking

Scrapbook – Windy City Scrapbooking – Chicago, IL “As our one year anniversary approaches, I would like to take some time to thank you for the wonderful benefits Artisan Software has given my retail scrapbooking store.” As our one year anniversary approaches, I would like to take some time to thank you for the wonderful benefits Artisan Software has given my retail scrapbooking store. As a cash register, Artisan is easy to use, super easy to train employees, and the help menus at the bottom are user-friendly allowing clerks to remember what to do if they need the extra help. Customers are amazed when we can look up previous orders to find which items they have previously bought (so that duplicate purchases are not made) or the fact that we can look up which scrapbook they have previously purchased so that we can select the correct page refills for them. Now that.s customer service! As for inventory (which we have just completed for the first time), Artisan is so good at tracking items sold, damaged, and received that, barring some human error, physical inventory counting went smoothly. I also love the inventory and financial reports that are generated within Artisan – one of my favorites being the .Best or Worst Sellers. so that at the touch of a button I can decide which products to retire, which manufactures to buy heavier or lighter from, and just what is not selling! As far as support, the whole Artisan team has really helped me along this year as I have had questions from small to large, anything from printing customer labels... read more

Wine & Liquor

Smith and Vine and Stinky Bklyn

I’ve been working with artisan for over 11 years and what I love most is not only the efficiency of the program but more importantly, all of the data I can extract from it to effectively run my business. I also love the people that work there as the service is always top notch! -Patrick Smith and Vine and Stinky... read more

Slope Cellars

For more than 10 years Artisan has been a great, user-friendly point of sale system for our staff. We purchase the support package and are always impressed with the courtesy and expertise of the support staff. Ben from Slope Cellars, Brooklyn NY read more


We offer a feature-rich Point-of-Sale application that runs successfully in all kinds of stores from Apparel to Zoos, and much more. Since Artisan fits well with so many industries, it is very likely that we will work well with yours. Call us to learn more about how Artisan can work for your specific requirements.

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