Adding a Missing Sale when a sale fails to save

In the event that a sale fails to save, for example when one of Artisan’s table constraints is violated. These constraints are put in place to protect Artisans Database from corrupted data.

When one of these errors is thrown on the Sales Screen and the Customer was credit card was still charged. To avoid charging them twice you need to add a missing sale to that payment log. To add a missing sale to a credit card log do the following:

1.) Click CC Log on the Artisan Toolbar

2.) From the Payment Log Record Screen you’re going to want to search for the payment log. Artisan offers many ways to search for this payment log, you can search via sale date, by station, by user, by payment, or by reference name.

— In addition to the quick searches you can also search for the payment log via the power search tools.

3.) Once you locate the payment log you are looking for take the following steps to complete creating the missing sale and attaching it to the payment log. Press F4 OR at the bottom of the screen click “View Details”

4.) Once you enter this screen you’ll see the red text “Add Missing Sale.” This will take you to the Sale screen where you will re-enter the items for that lost sale, and the sale you just created will then be attached to that payment log for your records.