Install Server PostgreSQL and pgAdmin on Windows

Artisan POS 4.X utilizes a robust database engine called PostgreSQL pronounced “POST GRESS”. There is one main computer that host PostgreSQL. It is not necessary to install this on multiple computers (unless you want to setup a redundant backup scenario for fast-paced seasonal operations such as fireworks).

In a single station configuration, the one computer is the server and PostgreSQL must be installed there.

Each secondary station connects to the server and queries the database for information. Most of the work is done on the server, therefor this computer should be more powerful, or at least powerful enough to handle the workload. Contact CerTek sales for more details.

Most of the time your authorized re-seller, dealer, or CerTek staff will setup and install the server. The server can be either a Mac or PC. This document is specifically for a Windows.

Step 1


Download the PostgreSQL X.Version Installer which includes pgAdmin at


Step 2


Choose your Operating System and download installer.




Step 3


  1. – On the Next Screen, keep default Installation Directory and click Next again.
  2. – Keep default Data Directory, click Next.
  3. – Make the Password “Artisan” or something you won’t forget. Write it down! You will need this password in another step and later on for maintenance tasks. CerTek staff has a procedure to make everybody’s password unique.
  4. – We recommend the port should remain as the default 5432, but advanced users may use whatever port they want provided that it does not conflict with other applications.
  5. – Locale : [Default Locale]
  6. – Finish installing. Do not open Stack Builder.


setupfile (1)



Step 4


In this step we will connect to the Postgres server through Artisan. In either “Connect to existing company data” or “Start a brand new company data file” screens you will have access to a button labeled: “Set up Server”. Note that this “Set up Server” button is for first time use only. On this dialog you will enter the username for your Postgres server and your password (that was given to you by Certek Software or you set yourself), the server, and your port.

You will either get an error or message about success. Check your settings and try again if necessary. Passwords are case sensitive.


Step 5


Now Artisan can create the database when you specify “localhost” as the SQL Database Server Address. The Database name can be whatever you want. In this case we are calling it “POS”. Click Continue and a new database is created on this station.




Optional: Share Database on the Network (Connect other stations to Main Database)

If you want to have more than one computer run Artisan, you need to copy a file and allow a program through the Windows Firewall on the Main Station. If you only have one computer then there is not need to follow the next steps; otherwise, follow the steps below to set up the other stations.



Step 6


While connected to the customer via TeamViewer, click on File Transfer, once the Transfer screen opens you need to locate where the “pg_hba.conf” file is. It is usually in S:\Install\Artisan\4.2 on our server.

Once you have the File highlighted, it needs to be sent to C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.6\data on the customers PC, if it asks you to replace the old file confirm with YES.



Step 7


Now we need to allow PostgreSQL to communicate through Windows Firewall.

Go To Start => Control Panel => Windows Firewall => Choose “Allow a Program or Feature through Windows Firewall.





Step 8

On the Allowed Programs window, click on “Change Settings” => “Allow Another Program”  =>Browse – Go to this path C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.6\bin and choose postgres.exe (This path may be different if using another version of PostgreSQL)

– Click “Add” to add it to the Windows Firewall and then OK to close.

This is all we need to set to allow connections to the Main Database. Now let’s open it on Artisan 4.X





Step 9

When connecting from another station to main database you should know the name of the computer you are using as your main station as well as the name of the database you want to connect to. In this example we created the database called “POS” . If you don’t know this, you could find it in Artisan 4.X on your main station under Help => About Artisan POS Software

– T-pol  is our Main Station Machine Name.

– POS is the name of the database we are using and want to connect to.




Step 10

On the station you want to connect to the main database, open Artisan and go to 3) Start with Real Data => 1) Connect to Existing Company Data 

– Set SQL Database Server Address to your Main Station Machine Name (you could also use its IP address)

– Set Database Name to the one you want to connect to. Use UPPER-CASE

– Click Continue to initialize connection to Main Database.




Step 11

Artisan will look and find the Main Station and Database to connect to it. Once the connection is established Artisan is ready for use. If Artisan does not connect, make sure you followed all the previous steps and that the database exists on the Main Station as well as the Windows Firewall Exception for PostgreSQL Server