Managing Products for Shopify

Artisan POS and Shopify eCommerce

Artisan POS integrates with Shopify. You enter your products into Artisan POS and they automatically get uploaded to your Shopify site once the interface has been setup. This article was written with the assumption that you are already interfaced. Otherwise, please contact CerTek to schedule your installation.

In Artisan, click on either the Items Icon in the toolbar

or the Go Pull-Down Menu or

the Go Button Menu then Inventory and then Item Records.

Choose an existing product or make a new one. Click on the Internet Store Tab.


  1. Choose Yes to Include in Internet Store.
  2. Enter in Shipping Weight.
  3. The Brief Description field is used for the Search Engine Listing. See the product record in Shopify.
  4. Enter the Detailed Description, that will show up in the detail of the product on the Shopify site.
  5. Click on the Pictures & Menus tab. Add a Full-Size Image and any Additional Images in Additional Image 1 thru 5.
    Ignore the Thumbnail Image.
  6. Save the Item Record and shortly your product will be published to Shopify on the pre-defined schedule, usually once per hour. Make sure your “Artisan Tasks” is running. Please call CerTek for assistance. You can also stop and start your Artisan Tasks to push out products immediately.


Putting your products into the correct Category.

If you want your products grouped by category, then also edit the Artisan Category Record. Click on the Internet Store Tab.


  1. Choose Yes for Include in Internet Store.
  2. Click on “Pictures & Menus” and add an image if you wish.


You should NOT enter in your products directly into Shopify, please use Artisan instead.