Printer Setup TSC TTP-247

Unpacking and Inspection

This printer has been specially packaged to withstand damage during shipping. Please carefully inspect the packaging and printer upon receiving the bar code printer.
Please retain the packaging materials in case you need to reship the printer. Unpacking the printer, the following items are included in the carton.

  • One printer unit
  • One Windows labeling software/Windows driver CD disk (might or might not be in box)
  • One quick installation guide
  • One power cord
  • One auto switching power supply
  • One USB interface cable

Printer Overview

Front View

  1. Ribbon access cover
  2. Top cover open lever
  3. Media view window
  4. LED indicator
  5. Feed button

Interior view

  1. Ribbon rewind hub
  2. Ribbon rewind gear
  3. Gap sensor (receiver)
  4. Media holder
  5. Media holder lock switch
  6. Gap sensor (transmitter)
  7. Printhead
  8. Ribbon supply hub
  9. Top cover support
  10. Media guide adjustment knob
  11. Black mark sensor
  12. Platen roller

Rear View

  1. Ethernet interface
  2. USB interface
  3. Centronics interface
  4. RS-232C interface
  5. Power jack socket
  6. Power switch
  7. Fan-fold paper entrance chute


Setting Up the Printer

  1. Place the printer on a flat, secure surface.
  2. Make sure the power switch is off.
  3. Connect the printer to the computer with the provided USB cable.
  4. Plug the power cord into the AC power cord socket at the rear of the printer, and then plug the power cord into a properly grounded power outlet.


Please switch OFF printer power switch prior to plug in the power cord to printer power jack.

Open / Close the Top Cover

  1. Open the printer top cover by pulling the tabs located on each side towards the front of the printer, then lift the top cover to the maximum open angle.
  2. A top cover support at the rear of the printer will engage with lower inner cover to hold the printer top cover open.
  3. Hold the top cover and press the top cover support to disengage the top cover support with lower inner cover. Gently close the top cover.

Loading the Ribbon

  1. Open the printer’s top cover by pulling the top cover open levers located on each side of the printer and lifting the top cover to the maximum open angle.
  2. Open the ribbon access cover.
  3. Insert the ribbon right side onto the supply hub. Align the notches on the left side and mount onto the spokes.
  4. Insert the paper core right side onto the rewind hub. Align the notches on the left side and mount onto the spokes.
  5. Stick the ribbon onto the ribbon rewind paper core. *Do Not Throw Away
  6. Turn the ribbon rewind gear until the ribbon plastic leader is thoroughly wound and the black section of the ribbon covers the print head. Close the ribbon access cover and the top cover.

    • Loading Path for Ribbon

Loading the Media

Loading the media

  1. Open the printer top cover by pulling the tabs located on each side towards the front of the printer, then lift the top cover to the maximum open angle.
  2. Separate and hold open the media holders.
  3. Place the roll between the holders and close them onto the core.
  4. Press down the media holder lock switch to hold the label roll firmly.
  5. Place the paper, printing side face up, through the media sensor and place the label leading edge onto the platen roller.
  6. Move the media guides to fit the label width by turning the guide adjuster knob. Make sure they are snug against the label but the label isn’t bowed.
  7. Loading path for roll labels

Installing the Drivers

Download the latest device drivers from the TSC printer website.

  1. Follow the steps in the previous section to connect the printer cables and turn on the POS computer.
  2. Run the install that was downloaded from the TSC website.
  3. Click Run on the security warning.
  4. Read through the License Agreement and if you agree with the terms select accept and click next.
  5. Leave the install directory to the default value and click next.
  6. Uncheck the read instructions option and click finish.
  7. Now after accepting the driver install warning go ahead and select ‘Install printer drivers’ and click ‘Next’.
  8. Scroll down the list and select the ‘TSC TTP-245C’ driver and click ‘Next’.
  9. Select ‘USB001’ port if this is the only USB printer plugged into this computer. If it is not the only printer then select USB002 then click ‘Next’.
  10. Leave all the options here to the default settings and click ‘Next’.
  11. Click finished and now the printer is install in Windows.

    Printer Setup in Artisan

  12. Open Artisan and click on GO -> Device Configurations 

  13. In the new dialog box expand Printers on the right side.
  14. Click to expand one of the Printer spots that are free (i.e. Printer 2) 
  15. Once the Printer is selected make sure to set the “Printer Type” to Label Printer; the “printer Language” to TSPL, and the “Printer Model” to TSC Label Printer.
  16. Notice that at the top you are able to configure different stations from one location.  We are currently just setting the printer for station 001-03. 
  17. Click Save and the dialog box will close.

    Label Selection in Artisan

  18. From the GO menu at top or the Main Menu Screen select “Labels”.
  19. Select “Label Designer”.
  20. There are several import things to look at on this menu:
    1. Heading 1 is the name of the label this is usually on a little sticker in the center of the roll.
    2. Form Title is the description, including measurements, of the label.
    3. Order allows the label to available to select in the label print on an item.  Zero hides the label, so any other number will make in visible in the label selection.
    4. Printer Type so you know what the label is designed to work on.
    5. Configure Columns is available on all display forms in Artisan and you can add/remove/move columns to the grid.  You can also drag and drop one column over/back or enlarge/shorten the margins.
  21. Double click/hit F4 or click the button “Edit This Record” to open. At the top left is Menu Order.  Put any number in besides 0 and it will show up in the menu when you select labels.
  22. Now go into Items and select an item and open it (double click/F4/Edit This Record). Do Ctrl+P to Print.
  23. A New Dialog Box will open. Here you select how many labels and which labels from the drop down menu. Then click Start.
  24. If you want to select multiple items to print different quantities of labels for go Items and isolate the records you want to print as best you can.
  25. Hit Ctrl +P and the following options will be displayed.  Select “Print Labels for All Matching Records”.
  26. Select the 3rd option for “Enter Individual Quantities for Each Record”.  You will put in those quantities on the next screen after you select the Labels you want to use and hit Start.
  27. On the next screen enter the number of labels in each box by either typing the number or using the +/-/* keys.