Redeeming a Gift Card or Gift Certificate

Enter the items the customer is purchasing into the Sales Screen and then Finalize the transaction as normal.

  • Once on the Payments Screen, select Gift Card as the payment type.

GC Payment Button


  • You will then have a list of outstanding GC’s. By default the search will be by GC Number but you can change this by using the Start New Search or Show Power Search options.



GC List



  • If the GC is less than the amount due:
    • An additional payment will be needed to finalize the transaction. In this case, pick your next payment type.
    • You can use multiple gift cards if the customer have several of them.
  • If the GC is more than the amount due:
    • The remaining balance will be refunded to a Store Credit. To do this, just save the sale and when prompted to refund the balance, select Store Credit as a payment type. The customer will have the new credit on file.
    • You cannot use a partial GC leaving the balance on the existing GC. Artisan only uses “disposable” gift cards. It does not keep track of balances, they are one-time use gift cards.

Some people put the balance on a new GC. If you want to do this then you can do it two ways:

Method 1: You need to know what the balance is, you can find this on the screen when you have entered in the GC showing as the Change Due.

Using Balance

Now click on the Sale button (left menu) and enter a GC for this amount.


When you finalize the transaction there will be no Change Due and the entire GC will have been used. A new GC will be issued to the customer as normally done.


Method 2: Refund the Change Due as a Store Credit then create a new sale for this customer using the store credit on the account to pay for the GC. A customer name is required to use this method as the Store Credit needs to be attached to a customer in the system, if the customer is in the system then you can added on the process when prompted.