Selling Gift Cards

Artisan has a special built in item that should be used when selling a Gift Card or Gift Certificate referred to from now on as GC. There are a number of configuration settings for the GC, you can find more information in the Tutorial – Configuration Settings for First Time Setup.



Once you have your GC configured to your specifications you can then begin selling them.

  • Enter the item code GC into the sales screen.
  • Enter the value of the GC into the Price field. You can sell multiple GC or other items on the same transaction.
  • Finalize the transaction and complete any prompts that you may have turned on while configuring the GC, for example Recipient Name and/or GC number.

The GC  is now recorded in the system. You can find the list of outstanding GC’s by going to Accounting=>Credits, Coupons & Gift Cards=>Gift Cards (Gift Certificates).