Troubleshooting your barcode scanner

If you are having problems getting your barcode scanner to work with Artisan, here are some important tips:

The first step is to verify that the barcode scanner is connected to your computer via USB. After you’ve confirmed that this is true, you can continue to the next step.

Inside of Program Options under Device Configuration, select Bar Code Scanner and make sure that the Bar Code Scanner Port is set to “Keyboard Emulation.”

Make the settings inside of your Artisan POS System match the settings set on the screen above. The settings listed above are pretty straight forward. The Bar Code Scanner Port defines how Artisan interacts with the bar code scanner. In this case, “Keyboard Emulation,” the scanner is equivalent to a keyboard. The Bar Code Scanner model is just the model of the barcode scanner, and should normally be left to “Generic Scanner.” And the last setting to consider is last checkbox, “Any Scan With Exactly.” This setting, is important when considering how you want artisan to recognize customer id’s. Any barcode scanned with the defined amount of digits and the optional prefix are considered to be customer ID’s and can be attached to a sale by scanning their ID card.

Open a text editor, If you are using Windows OS, use notepad, and If you are using Mac OSX, use textmate or leafpad. With your text editor open, try scanning any item you have available to scan, the item that you scan should match the barcode you have stored in Artisan POS exactly. If this code doesn’t match, refer to your barcode scanners manual. In your manual, you should have configuration and reset codes that can be scanned to reconfigure or reset your barcode scanner. Find out what the difference is between the barcode stored in Artisan POS and the barcode scanned into your text editor, and then scan the appropriate barcode inside of your barcode scanner’s manual to resolve the issue. If none of these steps resolve your issue, consider upgrading to a newer version of Artisan POS.

UPC Codes, world-unique codes assigned by the manufacturer, are 12 digits codes with three parts. The system digit, the middle digits, and the last check digit with a couple of exceptions. The settings defined in Artisan need to match the format of the UPC codes. There are cases where the check digit isn’t transmitted so only 11 digits are scanned, which may differ from your Artisan settings resulting in a barcode not matching. In this case, Reprogram your scanner by scanning special barcodes provided by the manufacturer.

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