What’s New in Artisan POS 4.2

Change Log


  • We Fixed the failure to migrate tax summary records (when referencing current tax rates). When running a Monthly Sales Summary Report it wasn’t showing the sales tax for the time period, this is now solved.
  • For cross compatibility Ctrl variants for the Mac were added. Now along with Mac’s Command-X, Command-C, and Command-V Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, and Ctrl-V cut, copy, and paste respectively this functionality is available in input fields across the application.
  • Now instead of specifically selected each individual license key, we you can paste the entire license certificate and Artisan will parse each license key for you and add it to your application.
  • Fixed the Mac alt key bindings with new workaround for Java 7/8 (supporting Mac special characters and diacritic composition in non-empty text fields and alt-letter actions elsewhere).
  • Fixed configuration settings screen race conditions on closing (with or without Save)
  • Improved performance on the Time Clock In/Out board screen before this screen was sluggish.
  • Fixed the occasional null pointer exception checking station status before the current station has been marked live
  • Shopify Fixes / Changes: Replaces pre-existing variants even when Artisan doesn’t expect them. Variant images aren’t uploaded unless the template specifies that images are individually editable.
  • Integrations with the InternetStore Interface are now improved with the ability to push items from Artisan into your website and update item properties and have it synchronize with the website on an interval specified by the you.
  • Postgres version number is now is compared numerically vs alphanumerically now
  • IllegalComponentStateException is no longer a problem in Artisan when leaving the screen idle on a Record Table screen, Artisan’s Screen Manager has been updated to account for a bug in the Java Runtime Environment