What’s New in Artisan POS 4.4

Change Log
Updated 6/8/2018

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(In descending order from the most recent, not all version numbers are released.)


  • Fix null pointer in Shopify download when there are no new or changed customer records.


  • Fixed problem with A/R Aging report.
  • Added a new database constraint check to ensure that no transactions are ever saved where the money doesn’t match the total when the transaction is not any kind of special order or layaway. This upgrade may cause challenges when upgrading to this version, especially if your data was migrated from older 3.X versions.


  • Improved import of transactions to more accurately set the sale date.
  • Fix to honor the coupon limit of zero, which means no limit. This is in the new advanced coupons feature.


  • Various Internet Store related improvements and fixes.
  • Fixed crash when setting a manual discount when there is a BOGO quantity break scheme.
  • Fix bulk-change Item Availability which was broken recently.
  • Improved Combo Box display on certain screens.

4.4.00 – NEW FEATURES in 4.4

  • Multi-Vendor
    Keep up with different vendor part numbers and cost per vendor for the same item. Specify which vendor is the primary supplier for this item.
  • Drivers License Age Verification
    Confirm that a customer is eligible to purchase a particular product based on age. (Fireworks, Alcohol, Etc.)
  • Surcharge Items
    Automatically add various charges on specific items in either a dollar amount or percentage. Used for associations or township fees, cleaning charges, service fees, or other fees that need to be added to the sale when another item is sold, especially if the fee is based on a percentage of the first item.
  • BOGO (incl. nFers)
    Buy One Get One offers and special discounting. Examples: Buy One get One Half Off, Three for 9.99.
  • Advanced Coupons (new feature)
    Get special offers only when a coupon has been used.
  • Customer Forms (including Designer)
    Great for obtaining signatures for disclaimers and legal requirements. Scan a drivers license to collect data and then print the form for the signature.
  • Reserved Receiving Notes
    Get pop-up notifications when an item is received that was on special order. The note can then be printed on a sheet printer.
  • Random Weight UPC Codes (“Deli Scales”)
    When the weight is measured on a deli scale, the clerk enters the item code and the total and weight are printed on the label. When these labels are scanned into Artisan, it loads the correct SKU and then calculates the quantity sold based on the total price.