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Apparel Store Key Features

Nested Categories: Organize apparel, from dresses to jewelry, into easy-to-find categories 
Speed Up Inventory: Create product variants for styles, sizes, colors, and more – and save them for later
Quick Pick: Easily ring up frequently-purchased products on a picture-rich menu
Inventory Tracking: Know what you have in stock, and at what location
Careful Organization: Assign shelf and aisle numbers to item records so belts, scarves, and more never go out of place
Anti-Theft: Monitor easy-to-understand reports that track inventory, sales, receiving, and more
Easy Training: Get part-time and full-time employees up to speed thanks to Artisan’s intuitive interface, ability to practice with Sample Data, growing knowledge base, and dependable support team
✔ …other tools to keep customers satisfied

Running an apparel store can be demanding. From receiving boxes and boxes of inventory, sending out purchase requests, marking up items for sales, and other tasks, there’s always something that needs to be done. With Artisan POS, keeping track of your business is truly efficient. 

Tagging your inventory is simple with Artisan’s label designer. Choose from countless labels pre-built into the program or design your own. Run special reports to see which products sell quicker based on the time of year, or even time of day, and reorganize your store layout to boost sales.

Receipts get tossed out or lost, spelling disaster for customers who want to return or exchange items. In Artisan, finding past sales is easy – without ever looking at a receipt. 

Encourage repeat customers by creating loyalty clubs with tracked coupons and points. Set special discounts and advertise for your club on customer-facing displays, complete with your store logo and unique images.

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Increase Sales

Artisan™ helps you elevate your sales by letting you know more about what goes on in your store. This can keep you from running out of your best selling items. Know what your customers like by measuring how fast different products sell.

Lower Costs

Avoid expensive mistakes by knowing what to buy and when to buy it. With FIFO enabled, you’ll sell your oldest inventory first. Save time and money around the store due to Artisan’s efficient speed and compatibility with various hardware.

Manage Your Customers

Have customer contact info on-hand and ready to export into email programs and other loyalty services. No other software program gives you as much power to pull out a simple or complex list of customers based on all kinds of important demographic criteria.

Reporting Made Easy

Chart your growth with in-depth reports. Easily import info into QuickBooks for employee time and sales breakdowns. Dozens of built-in Artisan™ reports with numerous options let you analyze sales, inventory, and customer activity. Custom report services available for a small fee.