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“Artisan POS is the third point of sale software we have tested and used in our store and it is by far the best…”

April 23, 2003: Dear David & Kurt,

I love Artisan POS Plus, and my employees love it. Artisan POS is the third point of sale software we have tested and used in our store and it is by far the best; it is easy to set up and easy to use. Susan, my longest-term employee has been here for all threee systems. She never could use or learn the first two systems, because she is part time and only works about 10 hours a week. Never enought time to learn how those systems worked. Now at least once a month she tells me how much she loves the new system – your system. She has made many sales that would have been lost because she was able to look up items from stock availability and price. She loves helping customers and things the customer lookup and items purchases is the greatest thing going.

Our store has a great deal of employee turnover, and training new people to run the register is no longer a problem. We show them how to ring up a sale once, and they can get it. People wihout computer experience, we show them a couple of times and they get it.

Many times we have people return merchandise without a receipt, and being a very strong customer service store, we are able to look up the person’s account and take care of their needs. And sadly, sometimes people try to bring things back that weren’t peurchased from us and we have been able to know that as well. In the past, we had been taken many times, but no longer because of Artisan.

The other fun part is when family and friends want to buy a gift for one of our customers, we are able to check to see if that person already has the item, or to get an idea of their buying style to heop with the gift giving. Or maybe I’m not in, and an important event occurs with a regular customer, my staff will make a note in the pop-up memo and the next time I see that customer and call up their account, and I can comment on the event. Customers think we are wonderful, and what great memories we have; if only they knew.

Thank you for making our job much easier, more enjoyable, and allowing us to give great customer service. I can go on and on and give never ending examples about the wonders of your system and how they have benefited us., but we’d be killing anouther tree. I want to also thank you for your company’s great customer service. You guys are always updating, tweaking, and answering my technical questiona almost instantly. Keep up the great work.

My best – In Christ, Carol Cundiff, Owner