CerTek Announces Artisan POS Version 3.3

CerTek Software Designs (certek-software.com) announced today the release of version 3.3 of Artisan™ POS (Point of Sale) Software.

According to David Roberts, President & Director of Marketing at CerTek, “We’re happy to have worked closely with OverCoffee Productions to add support for complete integration with OverCoffee’s eCommerce Internet Store shopping cart solution into Artisan POS 3.3. With Artisan and OverCoffee, selling your products online, with complete inventory control and automated order processing, is simple and stress-free!

“We also worked with Management One business consultants to interface with their Winning@Retail Open-To-Buy planning service. Now our customers can take their business analysis to the next level.” Roberts added, “We look forward to providing Management One customers with an easy-to-use POS option that makes Winning@Retail a snap.”

The Artisan POS 3.3 version also includes a number of other enhancements, listed below.

Kurt Gollhardt, Vice President of Software Development, said, “After a successful beta test program, with over a dozen customers using early versions of 3.3 for up to 4 months, we’re proud to release 3.3 with the fewest problem reports of any Artisan version ever.”

Artisan POS 3.3 comes in Lite, Plus, Deluxe, and Multi-Store Editions; and is now available for sale. For more information, see http://www.mycertek.info/Products/Products/Artisan_POS_Per_Industry.html

Existing customers with active support plans are entitled to a free upgrade to version 3.3, which can be downloaded from our Downloads page. Contact support@certek-software.com for a password.

More information about OverCoffee Productions is available at http://www.overcoffee.com

More information about Management One is available at http://www.management-one.com

Artisan POS 3.3 includes the following new features & and improvements:

  • Artisan now automatically re-connects to data after a network failure.
  • Internet Store Integration Enhancements:
    • Full support for Internet stores from OverCoffee Productions.
      • Also allows for third-party integration with other Internet stores.
    • New Item Record fields:
      • (Shipping) Weight, Ship Price
      • Brief (Multi-Line) Description, Detailed Description
      • Internet Store Layout Template, Additional Layout Options
    • New Category Record fields:
      • Abbreviated Name (for use when full Category Description is too long)
      • Brief (Multi-Line) Description, Detailed Description
      • Internet Store Layout Template, Additional Layout Options
      • Include in Internet Store, Catalog Order, Thumbnail & Full-Size Image
    • Expand Item & Category exports & imports to include above new fields.
    • Auto-fill picture fields in Internet Store records when defaults found.
    • Split Inventory Defaults configuration settings into:
      • Item & Category Defaults
        • Add Item & Category Internet Store Layout & Inclusion defaults.
      • Vendor & Purchase Order Defaults
    • New function: Bulk Change Internet Store Settings.
    • Import New Sales Orders from supported Internet Stores (Deluxe only).
  • Location-Tracking Enhancements (w/Deluxe or Multi-Store Feature Pack):
    • Track & report sales from alternate non-inventory locations,
      e.g. Internet or Sidewalk Sale.
    • New per-site Default Inventory Location (e.g. Warehouse).
  • Improvements for Multi-Line “Memo” Fields:
    • Remove length limit on multi-line text fields; allow vertical scrolling.
    • Confirm before discarding changes to multi-line text fields with Escape.
  • Include Category Records in Quick Pick (based on new Menu Order field).
    • Picking a Category lists menu of sub-categories or contained Items.
  • A/R (Accounts Receivable) enhancements for “Revolving Credit”:
    • Option to make new charges due on statement date instead of “Net” days.
    • Optional Minimum Payment Due %, w/Payment Due Date & Late Fees.
    • Additional form fields for the above plus Previous Balance,
      New Balance, New Charges, New Payments/Credits, New F/C,
      Credit Limit, Available Credit, Monthly F/C Rate and APR.
    • New sample forms available that include these new fields:
        and Open-Item-style STATEMENT.RTF.
  • Support for Driver’s License 2D bar codes (with capable scanners).
    • Extract all ID & address info from License/ID by bar code -or- by MSR.
  • New Pricing Chart type for Quantity Discounts (as opposed to Qty Prices).
  • Day-End & Shift-Closing Report Options to print a Cash Counter report.
  • Allow Day-End to be printed even with NO SALES TO REPORT.
  • Month-End Report can now include Sales by Hour (Average per Day of Week).
  • Support newer Crystal Reports versions, including Crystal Reports XI.
  • Don’t default to Store Credit for refund type once sale already has a Credit on it.
  • Additional PDT Programs for Product Lookups with large numbers of Items.
  • When recalling last sale w/Ctrl-P in Register, skip initial deposits (“DEP”) & voids.
  • Enhance Smart Returns to be non-taxable if original sale not taxed.
  • Enhanced “Close Match” checking for duplicate addresses, including “PO Box”.
  • Added menu button pictures for default payment types (for touch screens).
    • Menu button pictures (including Quick Pick) now preserve aspect ratio.
  • New Shipping Option to specify deposit amount for pending shipping.
  • Make Shipping Prompting Mode & Default Shipping Method per-site.
  • New label AFD field [CMARK] or [CM] to mark consignment items w/”*”.
  • Option to exclude consignment items when printing Inventory Tally Sheets.
  • Summarize Inventory Summary by Preferred or Actual Received Vendor.
  • Screen Layout Option to show UOM instead of Costs in Item search lists.
  • Register Screen Layout Option to Convert Price Decreases to Discounts.
  • Enhancements to Deluxe Features:
    • New Employee Time Clock Detail report by Date Range (a Crystal Report).
    • Rental Reservation defaults to period of any rental items & vice versa.
    • Sales Slip Styles applied to Reservations also apply to direct rentals.
    • Product Variant records can now be made into Kits. (Variants of Kits)
      • Configure Kit Details by hand or from Base Product & Template values.
    • New Advanced Sales Export for “Management One” Open-To-Buy reporting.