CerTek Announces Artisan POS Version 3.4

CerTek Software Designs (https://certek.com/) announced today the release of version 3.4 of their Artisan™ POS (Point of Sale) Software.

According to Kurt Gollhardt, Vice President of Software Development, “The focus of the 3.4 version was to improve our already-powerful Multi-Store support, adding more flexibility in inventory handling and bringing it the same superior ease-of-use our base product Artisan POS Plus is so well known for. At the same time, we’ve added a large number of useful features & improvements to the base product as well, from which allusers can benefit, including a much easier to read Month-End Sales Summary Report.

“Another critical feature in this release is increased credit card security. In these days of credit card fraud and identity theft, CerTek stands by the small business user, helping them protect & secure their credit card information.”

Artisan POS 3.4 comes in Lite & Plus Editions, with a number of add-ons, including the Deluxe Feature Pack, Multi-Store Feature Pack, Frame Shop Feature Pack, and Internet Store Interface; and is now available for sale. For more information, see certek.com/artisan.html

Existing customers with active support plans are entitled to a free upgrade to version 3.4, which can be downloaded from our Downloads page. Contact support@certek.com for a password & license key.

Artisan POS 3.4 includes the following new features & and improvements:

  • Major enhancements to Inventory Tracking by Location:
    • All related options moved to new “Location-Tracking…” pop-up in General Business Settings.
    • Option for Per-Location Purchasing (default: No). (Requires Multi-Store License.)
      • Reorders & other Purchase Requests are associated with their original locations.
      • New Reorder Mode options setting:
        • Reorder Levels Apply to Total Quantities (a.k.a. “Global Reorder Levels”).
          (This is the same as the pre-3.4 behavior, and is the default.)
        • Per-Site Reorder Levels w/Same Levels for ALL Sites.
        • Per-Site Reorder Levels Set Separately at Each Site.
        • (Always set to Global when Per-Location Purchasing turned off.)
      • Purchase Orders can be for a single location or combine requests from all locations.
        • Choose location (or “ALL”) from pop-up menu when creating PO.
          (Default choice is location where PO is entered.)
        • Optionally choose a separate Ship-To location via Alt-S (Shipping Info).
        • Alt-L in PO screen changes default Request Location for any new lines,
          or lets you change a specific item’s Request Location.
        • PO Search Lists show Ship-To Site number with Per-Location Purchasing.
      • Receiving Screens show expected receiving for one Ship-To location at a time.
        • Defaults to receiving station’s location, but can be changed with Alt-L.
        • Merchandise automatically distributed to original requested locations,
          regardless of Ship-To location or receiving station (unless overridden).
    • Receiving Screen combines all units for a product on a PO into one line
      (even w/o location-tracking).

      • Use Ctrl-D to view/edit list of individual units and/or locations for an item.
        • Lets you change quantities & (if applicable) transfer locations for each unit.
        • “Force Distributed Receiving” option to auto Ctrl-D on each change.
          (This works much like the pre-3.4 “Distributed Receiving Mode”.)
    • New Cross-Location Receiving Transfer Method setting (in Location-Tracking…):
      • Indicates how to handle received units destined for another location. Choices are:
        • Transfer Immediately (similar to current behavior, but explicitly logged).
        • Add to Pending Transfer List. (See below.)
    • New Pending Transfer List allows you to record inventory transfers to be done later.
      • Lets you receive into inventory then pull from stock when loading truck for transfers.
        • Otherwise, you have to keep stock physically separate until transfer.
      • Add to Pending Transfer List manually or using Receiving Transfer Method.
      • Keeps track of Item Code, Qty To Transfer, and Destination, with a separate
        list for each source location to transfer from.
      • Use F10 to Process the Pending Transfers and turn them into actual transfers.
      • Pending Transfer list also supports F8 scan mode & Ctrl-F10 PDT upload.
    • Inventory Transfers now print an Inventory Transfer Manifest report.
      • Sent to “Inventory Xfer Printer” in Printer Assignments (if not 0).
      • Each station can Reprint Last Transfer Manifest.
    • Receiving Special Order Notice now shows Transfer Location, if any.
    • Receiving Log F4 Detail now includes “Received at Site #” when location-tracking.
    • Option to Show Per-Location Quantities in Item Lists & Records.
      • You can still get to Total Quantities via new pop-up from Item Record More Info.
      • (This option & pre-existing option to Show Location in Register are now available
        on both the Location-Tracking configuration screen and Screen Layout Options.)
      • (If not using Per-Location Purchasing, On-Order and Waiting To Order numbers
        will still show total quantities, but other quantities will be per location.)
    • View Inventory Activity for each location from “Locations…” pop-up.
    • Inventory Activity shows sales site for items w/inventory tracking off.
    • Out-Of-Stock checks are now based on per-location counts.
      • (Cash Register still offers choice to sell from another location.)
    • Import/Export now let you choose the location for QOH, Reorder, etc.
    • When deleting Product Variants from variant templates, existing
      per-site quantities move to Base Product, along with total quantities.
  • General Receiving Enhancements (with or w/o location-tracking):
    • All units for a product on a PO are rolled up into one line, for ease of receiving.
      • Use Ctrl-D to view/edit list of individual units, by Request Source.
      • Alternatively, use new option to Receive Items for a Specific Sales Slip #.
    • Excess units on PO lines or during Receive By PO are now *added* to the PO.
      • To make sure this wasn’t done by mistake, the user is asked to confirm.
    • Receiving Special Order Notice now shows Special Order Notes, if any.
    • New Task Authorization Level protects Receiving w/o PO via Receiving screens.
    • Disallow direct QOH changes in Item Records reached from Receiving.
  • General Purchase Order Enhancements (with or w/o location-tracking):
    • Offer choice of ALL variants when putting Base Product on PO.
    • Sort by Item Code (after Requests) on new PO w/ALL Available Products.
  • Other Multi-Store Enhancements (requires Multi-Store Feature Pack):
    • Added “Per-Site Account #s…” to Vendor Records.
      • Lets you use different Account Numbers for each site, for each Vendor,
        since some vendors require one shipping address per account number.
      • Replaces main account # when printing PO’s, based on PO Ship-To Site.
    • Allow command-line override of Site #, for special situations.
    • Allow Sales Slip Styles to be Site-specific.
    • Option for per-site Default Customer Type to override Customer Record.
  • Outgoing remotes produced at the same time now share a common “Base” file.
  • New storage structure for Remote Operation snapshot reference files.
  • Increased Credit Card Security:
    • Credit card numbers are initially shown w/all but last 4 digits masked.
      • Authorized users can see full info, if available, w/”Unmask” button.
    • Option to permanently mask card info once approved & posted to Day-End.
      • This option actually erases the masked part of the card info.
      • (Even w/o this option, card # and expiration are always encrypted.)
  • Enhanced Sales Tax Reporting:
    • Report each Non-Taxable Category separately in Sales Tax Breakdowns.
    • Identify exemptions by configurable Tax Exemption Type, per customer.
    • Support (Washington State) variable-rate Destination-Based Sales Tax.
    • Month-End Sales Tax Breakdown now shows % rate for collected taxes.
  • New Report Style for Month-End Report: Formatted for Crystal Reports.
    • To switch back to old style, set to “Plain Text” in Report Settings.
    • Now includes Commissionable Sales Per Hour Worked, where applicable.
  • Employee Time Clock removed from Day-End & Month-End reports;
    use specific, superior, reports in Accounting => Employee Time Clock.
  • Employee Time Clock In/Out Board shows hours so far for clocked-in users.
  • Added “Delivery Form” sales slip style (14″ X 8.5″ w/tear-off sections).
  • Added support for the Measuring Table Labeler package (purchased separately).
    • Print item & qty measurement bar codes w/o a PC at the cutting table.
    • (Requires special equipment: compact label printer, PDT & cables.)
  • Added PDT program to Scan Each Unit w/o Qty – No Product Lookups.
  • New options for View/Edit Selected Item Records & Bulk Change operations:
    • Include Discontinued Items ONLY, Include Out-of-Stock Items (Only),
    • Include Non-Inventory Items (Only), Include Consignment Items (Only),
    • Include Product Variants [Deluxe], Include Internet Store Items ONLY.
    • Bulk Change Retail Discounts now has option to change Dates Only.
    • Bulk Change Preferred Vendor now has option to Rename Item Codes.
  • Inventory Summary Report now uses all “Bulk Change” options (“isearch”).
  • In-Stock & Consignment Reports now use View/Edit Selected Item Records.
  • Item Costs & Prices report shows costs if authorized, even w/Hide Costs.
  • New Inventory Activity Menu entries:
    • “Completed Sales & Orders”
      • Misc Program Options setting to put this or Detailed Activity first.
    • “Receiving Log for Selected Item”
  • Internet Store Enhancements (requires Internet Store Interface License):
    • (These new Item Record fields may be used by some Internet Stores.)
    • Additional Categories (validated comma list of Category Codes)
      • Can be used to list items in multiple sections in Internet Store.
      • (Currently NOT used when reporting or listing items in {progname}.)
    • Related Products (validated comma list of Item Codes)
    • Featured Product? (Y/N)
    • In-Store Only? (Y/N) – Listed on website, but you can’t buy it there.
    • Additional Images 1 – 5
    • (Misc Program option to (not) Allow Pictures Outside Picture Folder.)
  • Additional values for Availability field (Item Record More Info):
    • “Coming Soon”, “Clearance”, “Close Out”
  • Don’t Ask Before Using Unavailable Items in Register if any available stock.
  • New “Manage Clubs…” button in Customer Record More Info (Deluxe Only):
    • Reset Membership for This Club (for this customer)
    • Back-Date Membership & Recalculate Points (for this customer)
    • Set Points & Membership Manually (for this customer)
  • New Pricing Chart type for “Two-Fer”, “3-Fer”, etc. (Deluxe Only).
  • New option for Customer Price Levels to Ignore Retail Discount.
  • F11 Quick-Pick lookup is much faster now, especially in a network.
  • New Automatic Quick-Pick mode (in per-station Misc Program Options).
  • Add support for “Monetra” payment processing software.
  • Added Mobile Phone field for Vendor and Manufacturer Records.
  • Added [CREATED] AFD field for Item Labels to show Date Created.
  • Enhance Eltron Label Printer INIT to do full reset to defaults.
  • Returning an item w/no customer selected lists past sales by date only.
  • Entire-sale discounts don’t apply to returned items, to give full credit.
  • Include redeemed slip # in F4 detail for Gift Certificate history.
  • Include Item Description along with Item Code in Serial # messages.
  • Check Task Authorization for Modifying Inventory, not Changing Tracking,
    when assigning a variant template to an Item Record (or clearing one).
  • Default auto-exit times for new stations to min/max of existing times.
  • When replacing a remote pc, offer (only) remote stations to replace.
  • Don’t auto-capitalize email and domain addresses in text fields.
  • New General Business Settings option to Always Reserve sales w/rentals.
  • New Out-Of-Stock Handling option to disallow Process Receiving Later.
  • New Category Special Handling option to Round Up Price to Whole Number.
  • New Misc Program Option to Force Explicit Payment Type in Cash Register.
  • New [TOTDISC] AFD field to show Total Discount on sales slips.
  • AFD fields for more Vendor details on Consignment Payout Statements:
  • Fix so Catalog import review screen accepts F10 key.
  • Fix to show Check Approval Code, if any, on sales slips.
  • Fix Day-End & Month-End Report inconsistencies with Kits w/mixed sales & non-sales.
  • Frame Shop Feature Enhancements:
    • Allow orders to be saved as Templates for streamlining repeat orders.
      • Give each template a user-defined Template # for quick searches.
      • Select from a list of active templates and/or search by Template #.
      • Copied templates become regular orders, but remember Template #.
      • Use new [TEMPLATE] AFD field to print Template # on custom forms.
    • Add Work Order # to Miscellaneous Order Info (new in Operations Menu).
      • You can use this to group multiple framing orders together.
      • Use new [WORKORDER] AFD field to print Work Order # on custom forms.
      • Optionally, require a Work Order # to be entered on all orders.
    • Keep current Catalog database when restoring from backup without one.