CerTek Releases Artisan POS 3.2

CerTek Software Designs (certek-software.com) announced today the release of version 3.2 of Artisan™ POS (Point of Sale) Software.

According to David Roberts, President & Director of Marketing at CerTek, “The 3.2 version adds a whole list of exciting new features to the already very rich & powerful Artisan POS family. But of course it also continues our tradition of intuitive interface design that has made Artisan POS the clear winner for the easiest-to-use POS software on the market.”

“We’re very happy with this new release,” said Kurt Gollhardt, Vice President of Software Development. “We were able to adjust our schedules this time around, to allow for a prolonged beta test interval, with almost a dozen customers using early versions of 3.2 for up to 4 months. In all that time, we had almost no reports of problems with the new version, and no major problems at all.”

Artisan POS 3.2 comes in Lite, Plus, Deluxe, and Multi-Store Editions; and is now available for sale. For more information, see http://www.mycertek.info/Products/Products/Artisan_POS_Per_Industry.html

Existing customers with active support plans are entitled to a free upgrade to version 3.2, which can be downloaded from our Downloads page. Contact support@certek-software.com for a password.

Artisan POS 3.2 includes the following new features & and improvements:

  • Enhancements to Quantity Break Charts, including:
    • Buy One Get One Free & other Buy Some Get Some specials (“BOGO”). (The BOGO feature requires Deluxe Edition.)
    • Line Items w/manual changes to price or discount are excluded.
    • Qty Breaks can be set for Retail customers only, or disabled.
  • Read Driver’s License / ID Cards with Magnetic Stripe Readers:
    • Works with the same MSR you use for credit cards
      (or with a standalone MSR).
    • Swipe into Customer Record for Name, Address, ID #, Birth Date (DOB).
      • Zip/Postal Code requires a 3-Track MSR.
    • Swipe into Check Tender Info for License/ID #, State, Birth Date.
    • New “License/ID & Birthdays” pop-up in Customer Record for new info.
      • Related fields from “More Info” moved into new pop-up.
      • Birthday & Anniversary fields now take full date or just MM/DD.
    • License / ID info filled into Check Tenders from Customer Record.
    • Changes to License / ID info in Check Tenders saved in Customer Record.
    • New [LICENSE], [IDEXP] & [DOB] fields for AFD & RTF sales slip forms.
      • [LICENSE], [IDEXP] & [DOB] added to standard Rental Agreement.
  • New option to Include Invoice Line Item Details in A/R Statements.
  • New Sales Tax configuration options:
    • Options to round Sales Tax Up or Down, in addition to Nearest.
    • Option to apply Minimum amount to entire sale instead of each unit.
  • New Gift Registry Action for “Gifts Due”:
    • Gives credit to Registrant instead of taking merchandise out of stock.
      (As before, the Gift Registry feature requires Deluxe Edition.)
  • Enhanced Accounting Interface to QuickBooks, Peachtree, etc:
    • Clarified options on External Accounting Configuration screens.
    • New Accounts Payable Mode menu, including two new modes:
      • Export Vendor Invoices & Consignment Statements as Bills Due.
        (This is the new default mode for new installations.)
        – Includes new external account for undistributed shipping costs.
      • Export Consignment Statements Only – as Bills Due.
      • Immediate A/P Transactions for Receiving & Consignment Sold.
        (Equivalent to old behavior when A/P Account filled in.)
      • No Exports for A/P or Receiving (Enter Bills & Statements Yourself).
        (Equivalent to old behavior when A/P Account blank.)
    • Having Artisan automatically make deposit transactions is now optional.
    • Category & Vendor Overrides for general accounts can now be disabled.
    • New overall Non-Sales Income Account, overrideable by Category.
  • New Shipping Cost Distribution option to NOT distribute costs to inventory items.
    • Use in conjunction with new Accounts Payable Mode above.
  • Purchase Order enhancements:
    • Added printable PO Start & Cancel Dates, to bracket vendor shipments.
    • Replaced Expected Date with Start & Cancel Dates on standard PO forms.
    • New Purchase Order Screen Options in Configuration Settings:
      • Always Ask for Miscellaneous PO Information (including dates).
      • Always Ask for PO Shipping Address.
    • When putting items on a PO from a vendor not listed in the Item Record,
      combine the confirmation with a check-off option to use the Cost and
      Vendor’s P/N from the current Preferred Vendor instead of zero/blank.

      • Editions w/Multi-Vendor support also include a check-off option
        for making this the new Preferred Vendor, formerly a 2nd question.
  • Vendor Invoices now include Terms, Due Date & Total Invoice Amount.
    • When the received cost plus shipping cost = Total Invoice Amount,
      the invoice is considered complete and ‘Closed’.
  • New option on Bulk Change Preferred Vendor screen:
    • In Editions w/o Multi-Vendor support:
      “Keep Current Cost & Vendor’s P/N” (Previous versions always did so.)
    • With Multi-Vendor, the option is more specific:
      “Keep Cost & Vendor’s P/N if None for New Vendor”
  • Address & Phone Defaults replaced by Customer & Vendor Defaults.
    • New (per-site) default settings added for Customer Type & Keywords.
  • Additional control over pricing for Customer Types (Price Levels):
    • Category Records can now specify Mark UP as well as Markdown.
    • Category Markdown/Markup can be specific money amounts or percentages.
  • Add count of total units & returns to upper-right corner of Cash Register screen.
    • All unit counts now count kit components unless “Use Kit” option used.
  • New option in Inventory Numbering Schemes for numbers to Increase Only.
  • Category Code for Item Records now defaults to Vendor’s Main Category.
  • New Item Screen Layout Option to put Vendor Code before Category Code.
  • Item Activity now gives a choice of many reports, like Customer Activity.
    • Applies to both Item Record More Info and the Inventory Reports menu.
    • In addition to current “Detailed List of Each Change”, choices include:
      Pending Layaways, Special Orders / Custom Orders, On-Hold Sales & Orders, Voided Sales & Orders, and (in Deluxe Editions) various Rental reports.
  • Improved reporting for Rentals (in Deluxe Editions):
    • New Customer/Item Activity report for Rentals Past Due.
    • Option for Rental Reservations activity report to summarize by day.
      (This is just like the Rental Overbooking report, but isn’t just overbooked days.)

      • All Rental Reservations reports, including Rental Overbooking, are
        now in a sub-menu under Rental Reservations.
    • Rental Reservations (& voids thereof) now included in detailed Item Activity.
  • Activity for individual serial #s now available directly from Serial # Record.
  • Custom Payment Types can now prompt for extra info, like “Room #”.
    • Set Optional or Required info prompting for Name, ID & 1 custom item.
    • Applies to Deposit & Non-Deposit payment types.
  • Improvements to Day-End Tender Detail report:
    • Handles new custom reference info (above) in place of “Check #”.
    • Day-End Tender Detail w/”All Tenders” now includes Non-Deposit types.
    • New Tender Detail option for *any* one specific payment type.
    • Configure automatic Tender Detail reports for specific Payment Types.
  • Day-End Tender Adjustment screen is now configurable.
    • Configure any non-A/R payment type to allow adjustments or not.
    • Defaults match prior behavior: No for Non-Deposit types, Yes for rest.
  • Add button to get from Tender Adjustment screen directly to Cash Counter.
  • When Month-End Report includes CONSIGN SALES, show OWNED SALES too.
  • Changes to Sales by Item section in Day-End Report:
    • Add a new ‘Short’ format, which includes Quantity On Hand (QOH).
    • The old ‘Short’ format becomes ‘Medium’ (automatically converted).
    • Add QOH to the ‘Long’ format, too.
    • Single-line formats are now always 1 line, even on receipt printers.
  • Add option to include QOH in Best/Worst Sellers Report when by Item.
  • Additional options for Inventory Change Report & Merchandising Reports:
    • New “Category Tree” option for Summarize & Group By.
    • Use “Super-Group” in addition to Summarize & Group By for a 3rd level.
  • New Search Option for Category Records to show Category Tree Order.
  • New Register Screen Option for 15-chr Item Codes, new Money Size choice.
  • New (per-site) setting in Messages for Receipts (to customize terminology):
    • “Name for ‘Deposit’ on Layaways/Orders/Reservations”
  • New Credit Card Setting to Require Approval Code on ALL Stations (per site).
  • Added support for Secure Payment Systems (SPS) check processing.
  • Simplified Customer ID bar code formats, optionally including any 8-digit number.
  • UNC network paths (\\computer\share\…) allowed instead of mapped drives.
  • Add “Export Sales Counts to Nielsen SoundScan” (Deluxe Editions only).

Late Breaking News: Additional features & improvements have been added to the 3.2 version since its initial release. Here’s a list of additional new features:

  • Physical Inventory Counting Enhancements:
    • Record Last Physical Count Date & Time for each Item (per site).
    • New “Zero Out Items w/o Recent Accepted Counts” function.
      Use this when counting inventory in groups, over time.
    • Catch PDT scanning errors immediately, with Product Lookup Tables.
      • Supported on Metrologic brand Portable Data Terminals.
      • Shows Description, Price, and optional QOH on PDT screen.
      • Also useful for Price Checks and other PDT functions.
    • Preserve scans for inventory counting, etc, across crashes.
    • Show multi-location total counts even when partial, but follow by ‘~’.
  • Remote Operation Improvements (in Deluxe & Multi-Store Editions):
    • Safely merge reactivated remotes even if already partly merged.
    • Safely merge remotes that have been discarded at main site.
    • Keep more detailed info on status of remote merges, discards, etc.
    • Remote transfer files renamed to reflect status of last operation:
      e.g. RemoteLoaded-*.zip; also Reactivated, Merged, Discarded.
    • “Refresh” operation (Merge plus Prepare New) added to Remote Menu.
    • When starting in Read-Only mode, go right to Get New Data menu.
  • Enhancements to Bulk Change & Bulk Delete Operations:
    • Add option to Select Individual Items with check-off list.
    • Add Bulk Change Availability.
    • Allow ‘*’ & ‘?’ wildcards in “Include” filters.
  • Enhancements for Serial-Numbered Inventory Items (in Deluxe Editions):
    • You can correct mis-entered serial #s via Inventory Activity screen.
    • New search options for Serial #s to show On-Hand & Out Only.
    • Serial # search options are now included in Search Option Defaults.
    • New Item Screen Layout Options for (not) showing serial #s on sales slips.
      Separate settings for normal sales slips & packing slips.
  • Rental Reservations Improvements (in Deluxe & Multi-Store Editions):
    • Add Rental Period (“Days”) to Rental Reservations Pending by Item.
    • Clarify Total vs Available in Rental Reservation By Day & Overbooking.
      • Show both in F4 detail. New search options to show either in lists.
      • Set default search option in Sales Transaction Search Options.
  • Forms Printing Enhancements:
    • RTF (Rich Text Format) forms can now print in one step w/o interaction.
      • New printer setting lets you still Open RTF Forms w/o Printing.
    • New printable “Customer Forms” fill in info from Customer Record.
  • Day-End Tender Detail Reports now work on receipt printers, too.
  • Add Tender Detail by Date Range to Daily/Monthly Sales menu.
  • Day-End Cash Counter available in standalone mode when no sales.
  • New Back-Order function in Cash Register (Ctrl-Z).
    • Moves one or more lines to new pending order & notes as Backorder.
  • Shortcut key combination Ctrl-Shift-R for Bulk Return in Register.
  • Enforce age restrictions w/new Driver’s License Requirements settings.
  • New Category Special Handling options to change Customer Type for
    each sale w/o permanently changing Customer Record.

    • Useful for coupons that change pricing in more complicated ways.
    • Choose either a specific price level or the special “Escalate” option.
  • Allow separate (BOGO) Qty Break charts for each price level.
  • New Customer Search Options for Custom Fields 1 – 5.
  • Allow Customer Lists to *exclude* as well as include categories, etc.
  • New option to accept any existing Customer ID in a bar code scan.
  • Updated SSL-40x label forms to allow 2 lines of Description.
  • Expanded Gift Certificate numbers to allow up to 12 digits.
  • New Inventory Task Authorization Level for marking waiting orders delivered.
  • Added an Advanced Inventory Maintenance sub-menu to Inventory menu.
    • Moved “Bulk Delete Item Records” to this menu (from Bulk Changes).
    • Replaced “Reset All Quantities to Zero” in Physical Counting
      with enhanced “Bulk Reset On-Hand Quantities” here.
    • Added “Update Past Costs Using Current Standard Cost”.
  • Added additional Advanced Maintenance functions to Database Maintenance.
  • Consistency Check now has option to run w/o asking questions.
  • Command-Line “Backup” command, for automated backups.