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“During the frantic season of Halloween, I did not have a need to call customer support at all.”

October 28, 2010: To Whom It May Concern:

About four years ago I came across Certek Software’s Artisan Point of Sale Software and was impressed with the demonstration that was given.  What impressed me the most was its ability to deal with rentals and rental reservations.  I was also very impressed with the price of the software.

At that time, I had a system not designed for point of sale.  It was a backroom solution and was only useful for orders and checking in products.   Over the next few years I ran across David and Kurt at a number of shows in our area and the more I looked the more impressed I became with the flexibility of the system. It had just about everything I could hope for except one thing.  Our biggest problem at Halloween has been the amount of time it takes to hand wright our rental forms.  We were loosing customers that could not or would not wait for our slow system.  At the Chicago Halloween show in 2005 Kurt and I talked about my problems and he assured me this could be solved by swiping our driver’s license and scanning or typing the costume number into their system.  The only thing I would have to enter is my customer’s telephone number and rental date.  Imagine that the rental paperwork complete sent to the register and printed in less than 30 seconds.  This upgrade would take some time I was told as each states information is different.   It is just about ready and may be ready by the time you read this.

After last years Halloween show I began to call people on the list of satisfied customers, after not finding any that were not satisfied I placed my order and was given another pleasant surprise.  For a small fee, Certek would convert all the data from my old system into their system.  This saved me countless hours of typing.  I am on the Board of Directors of the National Costumers Association.  One of the things we do at the N.C.A. is share products and sources with each other.  In this regard, I will give Certek my entire product list from Rubies, Franco, Forum, and many other suppliers that you can use as a base to get started, if you would like.

I started using the system on October 1, 2006 and after a week of use found it faster than the old cash register.  During the frantic season of Halloween, I did not have a need to call customer support at all.  Using the system as a cash register could not be easier.  I did have questions when it came to ordering and other things and of course, customer support was great.

My only regret is not ordering sooner!

Sincerely,  Dennis “Rocky” Torrence