A Gift to the Gift Industry – with Artisan POS

Gift Shop Key Features

Price and Ring up Items Accurately: Barcodes scan quickly with our industry-tested hardware
Reporting Tools: Track purchase costs and oversee your inventory management
Label Sizes: Print easy-to-read price tags, ready-made or customizable
Sales Made Easy: Issue and track store credit for returned merchandise instead of paying out cash – even find sales without a receipt
Monitor Inventory Changes: Account for breakages – and prevent and identify theft
Detailed Reports: Learn what you sell most to buy smarter and lower inventory investment
Fast Physical Inventory Counting: Use Portable Data Terminals (available for rent or purchase) 
✔ …more tools to help your gift store flourish

Your industry thrives on fresh inventory to consistently entice new and return shoppers. If a customer loves what they buy, you’ll want to make sure they come back again and again for all the birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations throughout the year – and spread the word with their friends. 

Artisan seamlessly controls, organizes, and manages inventory, analyzes sales, and helps keep track of your customers so you can keep them coming back in store or online. 

An integrated gift card program ramps up customer excitement. Work with our gift card partners to create customized cards unique with your store’s branding. Continue that branding with store receipts with your logo, contact information, and personalized messages.

Loyalty programs enhance the shopping experience. Artisan tracks points and coupons so dedicated shoppers receive discounts controlled and customized by you. 

Our reporting tools help you identify which items sell quicker than others, which are slow-moving, and even what days of the week your store receives more profits. Don’t see what you need? Build your own or contact the support team for a custom report or form.

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Increase Sales

Artisan™ helps you elevate your sales by letting you know more about what goes on in your store. This can keep you from running out of your best selling items. Know what your customers like by measuring how fast different products sell.

Lower Costs

Avoid expensive mistakes by knowing what to buy and when to buy it. With FIFO enabled, you’ll sell your oldest inventory first. Save time and money around the store due to Artisan’s efficient speed and compatibility with various hardware.

Manage Your Customers

Have customer contact info on-hand and ready to export into email programs and other loyalty services. No other software program gives you as much power to pull out a simple or complex list of customers based on all kinds of important demographic criteria.

Reporting Made Easy

Chart your growth with in-depth reports. Easily import info into QuickBooks for employee time and sales breakdowns. Dozens of built-in Artisan™ reports with numerous options let you analyze sales, inventory, and customer activity. Custom report services available for a small fee.