Get the Premier POS for Fireworks Retail – with Artisan POS

Firework Store Key Features

Driver’s License Capture: Instantly capture customer info by swiping or scanning a driver’s license. Verify age when customer purchases age-restricted products

Customer Affidavits: Print and create forms to meet state requirements with our Report Designer

Flexible Discounts: Easily add coupons and special offers like BOGOs and “n-Fers”

PCI-DSS Compliant: Accept credit card transactions without storing sensitive information

…more tools to keep your products in-demand

The preferred solution for this fast-paced industry, Artisan POS will give you reason to celebrate! Seamlessly choreograph a selection for your customers in store or online – whether it be for the 4th of July or to mark a major occasion. Both flexibility and the necessary security checks are built into our point of sale system.

Artisan POS eliminates bottlenecks and increases customer sales. Monitor your vendors with purchase orders and requests, including item data, quantity, shipping info, order numbers, memos, and more. 

Industry-tested hardware such as rugged barcode scanners help speed up long lines and sort through large inventory. Keep track of your ever-expanding collection of firecrackers, rockets, sparklers, fuses, and more with our inventory management system. Use our product variant tool to create similar yet distinct products by size, color, style, and other characteristics. Save these presets for later to save time in the future. 

Want to sell your products online to draw in more sales? Easily upload your products to a Shopify or WooCommerce store with your inventory list monitored by Artisan. Online orders with customer information are automatically downloaded into the program.

Increase Sales

Artisan helps you elevate your sales by letting you know more about what goes on in your store. This can keep you from running out of your best-selling items. Know what your customers like by measuring how fast different products sell.

Lower Costs

Avoid expensive mistakes by knowing what to buy and when to buy it. With FIFO enabled, you’ll sell your oldest inventory first. Save time and money around the store due to Artisan’s efficient speed and compatibility with various hardware.

Manage Your Customers

Have customer contact info on-hand and ready to export into email programs and other loyalty services. No other software program gives you as much power to pull out a simple or complex list of customers based on all kinds of important demographic criteria.

Reporting Made Easy

Chart your growth with in-depth reports. Easily import info into QuickBooks for employee time and sales breakdowns. Dozens of built-in Artisan reports with numerous options let you analyze sales, inventory, and customer activity. Custom report services are available for a small fee.