A Guide to Getting Started

Getting started with Artisan 4.X is different for each store, but there are basic guidelines that are appropriate for everyone. Please make sure you call us if you have any questions.

  1. If you are converting from another POS system or if you have data in spreadsheets or another form, you should complete the import first. Here’s a guide for importing data. Please don’t set anything up in Artisan until you have completed this process as sometimes your whole data set is created at CerTek and would be replacing any data you enter prior.
  2. Review imported data thoroughly by learning about inventory and customer records.
  3. Make sure your credit card processing has been requested.
  4. Create and/or review your Category Records.
  5. Create and/or review your Vendor Records
  6. Enter in your business address and sales tax information, this is helpful if you are going to start issuing Purchase Orders soon. Setup credit card processing and other business settings.
  7. Create users and review security.
  8. Make sure you understand and have setup Item Code Numbering.
  9. Start Creating Item Records either directly or from a Purchase Order.
  10. Optionally Create Purchase Orders if you want to know what you already have on order and so you can more easily receive inventory and get it ready for sale quicker. Purchase Orders help you manage cash flow, especially if you are ordering for future deliveries. Make sure you specify the expected delivery date.
  11. Receive your inventory.
  12. Learn about the Sales Screen and Start Selling!
  13. Closing out your Day and Day End Reporting.
  14. Start getting familiar with Reports.