Cards On File & EMV

This information is for current customers using Artisan’s feature “Card On File”, which saves information about customer’s credit card for future charges.

When moving to EMV equipment it is important for customers using “Card On File” to know that if coming from same processor, “Card On File” data still remains; otherwise, it is lost. Our current processors are:

  • Payment Logistics
  • Chosen Payments
  • BridgePay
  • OpenEdge (previously PayPros)

For example, if a customer has been using Payment Logistics prior to moving to EMV, “Card On File” data will still be there after becoming EMV compliant, if and only if you switch from non-EMV to EMV with the same processor, in this case Payment Logistics.

However, OpenEdge will lose them unless the merchant makes special arrangements ahead of time for OpenEdge to convert them manually, BUT they might not be willing to do that. In this case, OpenEdge customers will lose the “Card On File” data when moving to EMV.

If you have any other questions, contact sales or technical support.