Connecting to Cloud 1 on Mac

When connecting to Cloud 1 from a Mac, follow these steps.

On the Welcome Screen, check off “Use SSL for Secure Connection.”

Leave your “Server Name/Address” as and your “Server Port #” as your PostgreSQL port number.

At the end of the “Database Name,” insert a # followed by the site number you are trying to open Artisan as. 

For example, F12345#002.

The same applies if you are trying to open Artisan as site 3, 4, etc (ex. F12345#003, F12345#004).

You only need to input this information into your Database Name once. You can come back later and remove the # followed by the number from your Database Name.

If you want to switch back to Site 1 or another site, simply change the number (ex. F12345#001).