Edit Time Clock

Artisan lets you look at Time Clock entries from different menus where you can also edit them and print reports.

To manage Time Clock entries, go to the Employee Time Clock menu. You can get there in two ways:


1. From the Go menu on top => select Employee Time clock 


2. From the Main Menu, go to Accounting => Employee Time Clock


  • Once on the Time Clock menu you have several options to check entries or run reports.
  • Users can also Clock In/Clock Out from here; although it may be faster and easier to use the shortcut  Shift + F5 from any screen at any time.


  • To edit entries select option 2 “View/Edit Time Clock Records”

TimeClock Menu

  • Once on the list of entries, you can narrow down the list by using Power Search or just scroll down the list to browse entries.
  • To create a new entry or edit an existing one, select the respective button below the list.


To edit the time. Select the date from the calendar, then type in the time in the format shown.