How do I purchase your product?

We recommend you get an overview of what Artisan POS can do for you and your business. You can explore a Demo or Trial version you can use before taking the decision to buy it. Once ready to buy the software, just get in touch with our sales department at (877) 723-7835.

How do I get started?

  • Ask for a Demo or Trial version.
  • Get familiar with the program and create a list of questions you may have.
  • Explore the software and make sure it meets or exceeds your business needs.
  • Work with CerTek to setup your system after you acquire the software.
  • Give data you need imported into Artisan POS to CerTek staff.
  • Schedule training (Additional charges).
  • Use the knowledge base to get more familiar with Artisan POS.

Can I import data into Artisan?

Yes, data can be imported into Artisan POS if obtained in the right format. Most common data imported include items, vendors, and category records. Customers can also be imported.

Get with a CerTek technician to help you with imports. (Additional fees may apply).

Which currencies do you accept?

Currently, we are only able to do business using US dollars.

What payment processors do you work with?

Artisan integrates with the following payment processors:

  • Payment Logistics
  • Aurora Payments (formerly Chosen Payments)
  • EVO Payments
  • World Pay
  • Open Edge

Artisan easily utilizes PIN pads, such as the Ingenico Lane 5000, Lane 7000, and PAX S300 (which support Apple Pay and Google Wallet). Contact our sales department at (877) 723-7835 to learn more.

Does your product have a web interface?

Our latest version, 4.5, supports Shopify, WooCommerce, and Zoey. Easily manage your product catalog (including images and detailed descriptions) all within Artisan. Once setup, your selected inventory from Artisan is automatically synchronized with your online store.

Click here for more information.

What type of support do you offer?

We offer different levels of support. The main difference among them is the number of incidents a merchant gets per month. The most important part of having a support plan, besides having professional help when needed, is that the software is upgraded at no additional cost.

  • Basic Support – Includes 1 incident per month.
  • Standard Support –  Includes 4 incidents per month.
  • Premium Support –  “Unlimited” incidents (within reason), increased coverage.

Premium Support extends Artisan Support to unlimited incidents (within reason), plus phone (or email) help with all computers and equipment used with Artisan—even if not purchased from us—including local networking (LAN) used to connect multiple computers. Also, premium support gets higher placement in support queues, substantial discounts on custom reports, labels, and forms. We will assist you to the best of our ability to determine the nature of the trouble and fix configuration problems; repair costs are not included. Networking support is limited to general connectivity and the basic file sharing and drive mappings needed to make Artisan operate; it does not include configuration or diagnosis of file servers except by special arrangement.

We also have more support plans available, including seasonal and starter plans. Call us for more information.

Can I upgrade support to premium package?

Yes, you can upgrade any time. Just call us and we will help you with questions regarding upgrading your support plan.

What is the cancelation period?

You may return ARTISAN SOFTWARE within 30 days of the date received, for any reason, for a full refund less $75 restocking fee. This special refund policy does not apply to other merchandise.

I could not find an answer on the knowledge base, what can I do to get help?

If you have tried to use our knowledge base and could not find any article that addresses your issues and you have a current Support Plan, contact technical support immediately and let us know what the problem is.

You can contact support in two ways:

By email: support@certek.com (24-hour turn-around)

By Phone:

  • US Toll-Free Sales: 877-7CERTEK (877-723-7835)
  • Worldwide Sales and Support: +1 727 738 8188

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