Importing Item Records for Online Web Store

It is easy to import item records into Artisan. The process is the same as posted in the general import article.

Starting from an Excel Spreadsheet (.XLS or .XLSX) file. Create column headers with the following information.


ITEMCODE Leave Blank to have Artisan auto-generate an item code.
HOWEVER, if you leave this field blank, when you repeat the process you will get yet another new item record.
If you want to update existing items, you must include the Item Code field, UPC, or Vendor’s P/N and Vendor.
IDESC Item Description (Required for NEW records.)
PRICE Retail Price
CATEGORY Item Category Code (Required for NEW records)
VENDOR Item’s Vendor Code (Required or use “NONE”)
ONLINE Use Online? This should be a “Y” or “N” or left blank.
SHIPWEIGHT The shipping weight. Not required, but very useful.
DETAILDESC Detailed Description
 BRIEFDESC  Brief Description, mostly used for SEO metadata.
 ONLINE Publish this item online? Should be a Y for Yes. Ok to leave blank.
FULLIMAGE The URL to the image on the WEB or LOCAL file path.
 ALTIMAGE1  The first secondary image.
 ALTIMAGE2  The 2nd secondary image.
ALTIMAGE3 The 3rd secondary image.
ALTIMAGE4 The 4th secondary image.
ALTIMAGE5 The 5th secondary image.