Negative Deposits Not Transferring into QuickBooks

If you have negative deposits that are not transferring into QuickBooks, you may need to adjust your External Accounting Package settings in Artisan. (Negative deposits result from purchases that were returned, if the total returns for a particular Deposit Group exceed the money received on the same day; a Deposit Group is a set of Payment Types that are deposited together in a single bank deposit.)

From the “Configuration Settings” screen, head to “Business and Financial Settings” and click on “External Accounting Package Settings.”

Note: This error only applies to Deposit Groups that are set to “Deposit to Primary Bank Account” or “Deposit to a Specified Alternate Bank Account.”

Under “Transaction Type for Recording Deposits,” click on the dropdown and select “Deposit if Positive, Journal Entry if Negative.” This is need for most versions of QuickBooks, because it doesn’t allow Deposit transactions to be negative. Alternatively, you could select “General Journal Entry” and record all deposits as General Journal Entries, for consistency, but it’s usually preferable to have QuickBooks view them explicitly as Deposits, where possible.

Click “Save” when you’re finished.