Purchase Orders & Requests: Per-Site Purchasing & Receiving

Per-Site Purchasing & Receiving for Purchase Orders & Requests


Inventory Tracking

To enable per-site purchasing and receiving, the first place to start is the artisan program settings screen: Inventory Tracking Options. Inside of this tab, you have the option to enable or disable per-site purchasing and receiving. Per-Site purchasing and receiving refers to the ability to make purchase requests, purchase orders, and other actions for other sites remotely. For example, if your store has two sites, you might want to make a purchase order at site 2 to be received at site 1. Generally, this is what Per-Location Purchasing & Pending Receiving is all about. Once you have this feature enabled, the next critical setting to consider is Cross-Location Receiving Transfer Mode. Cross-Location Receiving Transfer Mode determines when the inventory transfers occur after receiving items on a purchase order at a different site. It determines whether or not these transfers happen automatically, or manually. When “Transfer Immediately When Received, ” is selected all transfers happen immediately, and the appropriate inventory is transferred to the sites determined by the purchase order built inside Artisan. The same is true for “Add to Pending Transfer List,” although its done manually by the user.

Purchase Orders & Purchase Requests

The process of creating a purchase order is slightly different with these settings enabled. After selecting your vendor,  you’ll be prompted to select the Target Site for Requests & New Line Items. After this screen, you’ll arrive at the standard purchase order creation screen. By Default, this screen is missing some vital information that needs to be configured. The first thing to do once arriving on this screen is to left-click -> configure columns, and then add the following columns to the table configuration: Site(Location) and Receiving Site. In the screenshot below, you’ll notice that the Ship-To-Site is set to site 001. This means that the inventory is set to be received at site 001, and the Target Site(New Lines) drop down specifies which location to transfer this line items requested qty to upon receiving. At this point, the receiving mode is important to consider because it determines whether or not the inventory transfers will have to be handled manually versus automatically.