Recent Window Update Causing Issues with Network Printing

A few recent Windows updates (5565 and 6670) might prevent some sheet printers from working correctly in Artisan. Follow this tutorial to fix this issue.

We’re happy to help you if you cannot solve this problem on your own. Since this is a Windows/Microsoft error, there is a fee for utilizing our Tech Support team. Call (877) 723-7835 for assistance.

Windows Update 5565

Check if your computer updated to the Windows update ending in 5565. (After these steps are done, repeat this process to look for and uninstall update 6670).

Type “Updates” in your Windows search bar, and click on “Check for updates.”

Click on “View update history” to see a list of all of your computer’s updates.


3. Look under “Quality Updates” for a Windows 10 update that ends in “5565.”


4. Click on “Uninstall Updates.”

This will open the “Installed Updates” window. Look for “Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB505565)” under the “Microsoft Windows” section.

Right-click on the program and click “Uninstall,” or press “Uninstall” next to the “Organize” button.


Click “yes” when asked if you want to uninstall the update.

The update will start uninstalling.

Disabling Automatic Updates

In the Windows Update screen, click on “Advanced Options.” 


Select a date to extend the “no updates” period to. We recommend extending it to the full 35 days listed in the date drop-down. 

You must restart your computer to apply the changes. Make sure you save any open files and close any open programs before restarting the computer.

Please let us know if this fix does not work for you.


Windows Update 6670

Repeat the process to uninstall the 6670 update if it was installed on your computer. If you have not already disabled automatic updates, do so now by following the above instructions.


If your printer is physically connected to a different register/station than the one you’re printing from, please make sure the Windows updates are uninstalled on that register as well.