Refunding a Partial Amount (on a Special Order)

Sometimes, you might need to refund a partial amount on a special order that has been paid in full, but not yet delivered.

Let’s use an example: A customer places a special order, but now you realize the order should have been tax exempt or had a discount.

The order must be delivered before the smart return will link to the original sale. Go to the customer’s purchase history and locate the special order. Press “Enter” on your keyboard to open the sale.

Press the Alt key and the F3 key on your keyboard to copy the sales order to a new screen.

Change the “Special Order” to a “Normal Sale.” Press the minus key to initiate the return (linking to the original slip number. You can view the original slip number in your open screens section, or click on the magnifying glass to see their past sales).

Add the items the customer purchased to the sale with the correct discount or correct tax. Press “Finalize.”

When you save the sale, as long as smart returns are enabled, Artisan will offer to put the difference back on the customer’s card.