Sales & Order Screen

Type of Sale

The Sales & Order Entry screen is where transactions, special orders, layaways and returns will occur at.

The drop-down menu will allow the selection of these different types of Transactions.

Adjustments to the Cashier and Sales Rep are accessible in the top right of this screen, and Select Customer starts you off with the Customer Search menu.


Adding an Item to a sale is possible through either typing the Item Code in through the indicated section, scanning the barcode supplied through Artisan 4.0 for that Item, or the Item Search (F2) along the bottom row of buttons on the screen.

Item on the sale

Once an Item is selected on the sale, the option to individually Discount an item, change Tax to a relevant bracket or choose None (Non-Taxable) if the Item or Service is not taxable.  If None (Non-Taxable) is selected, a new drop-down menu will appear in the top middle of the screen prompting for Tax Exemption Type.  Subtotal, tax and total price are all live and will reflect as you make adjustments without the need to update.


Along the bottom menu of the Sales & Order Entry screen, there is a Return (Cntrl-R) button that can be selected once the item is highlighted in the transaction.  The Return function will not work unless an Item has been selected or highlighted on the transaction.  Once the item is selected, selecting the Return function will adjust the item Qty down by Negative One (-1).  Hitting the function multiple times will adjust the Qty down by the amount of times the function has been selected.

Void screen

Selecting the Void (Cntrl + V) function brings this menu up, allowing both the Void Item and Discard New Sale options.  Void Item will void out the currently selected Item on the transaction, while Discard New Sale will void the entire sale.

Sales Operations menu

This is the Sales Operations Menu that is accessed through the yellow Operations (Ctrl+O) button on the bottom row of the Sales & Orders screen.  Through this menu several options exist, such as accessing previous sales through Recall Sale, and No Sale to pop open a register without finalizing a transaction.