Stop Computer from Updating to Windows 11

Due to the various problems Windows 11 has caused its users, we recommend stopping your computer from updating to this latest version until Microsoft has resolved these issues.

If you have already updated to Windows 11 (or purchased a computer with Windows 11 already installed), there is no current method to uninstall this update. If you are facing printer sharing issues that are common with Windows 11, we have a solution

If you have not upgraded, there are two different methods to prevent the update. 

Method 1

This method lets you delay Windows 11 updates for a specified timeframe. 

Head to your Settings screen by typing “Settings” in your Windows search bar and opening the search result.

From there, click on “Update and Security.”

You’ll see a “Windows Update” screen. Navigate to “Advanced Options.”

Navigate to the dropdown in the “Pause Update” section. You’ll be able to pause Windows updates for up to 35 days.


Method 2: Advanced

If you choose this option, keep in mind that this blocks your computer from recieving any important updates, even if they aren’t related to Windows 11. 

Type “Services” in your Windows search bar.

Scroll down to find “Windows Update.” Double-click.

Click on “Stop.” 

Select “Disabled” from the “Startup Type” dropdown. (Note: Your computer might have been set to “Automatic” instead of “Manual.” That’s fine).

Click on “Apply.”

Click on “OK” to close out of the window.