Transfer Between Locations (Sites) and Transfer to Another Store

You might want to transfer items between stores for a variety of reasons. Maybe you only want one location to sell certain items, or you’re low on stock (or out of stock) at another site and want to replenish stock there. Whatever the reason, transferring quantity on hand is easy in Artisan.

Click the images to enlarge if necessary.

From the “Main Menu,” click on “Inventory,” then “Inventory Transfers.”

Select the site you want to transfer inventory from.

This will open your inventory list.

If the location already has some in-stock, it will show in “Destination QOH.”

To input the amount that is transferring from one location to another, select the item and press “Enter.”

Type in the amount of each item(s) that will be transferred. For example, we want to transfer four blue birthday cards from Site 1 to Site 2, so we will select that item, press enter, and type in “4.”

That amount will show up in the “Xfer Qty” column.

Once you’re finished, press “Process.”

Artisan will confirm that you wish to transfer the amount(s).

Transfer Quantities for ALL Items

To transfer all pending inventory from one site to another, press “Set ALL Transfer Quanities.”

To transfer all of your inventory from one site to another, click on “All On-Hand Inventory.”

Artisan will confirm that this is what you want to do.

Transfer to Another Store

The process for transferring to another store is similar to the above steps. However, the inventory here is not going to be sent to another site.