Two Computers Sharing One Receipt Printer

Emergencies happen – but you don’t have to panic. After this tutorial, you’ll always have a backup printer ready to go when you need it most. 

By letting two computers share one receipt printer, you’ll be able to connect to an alternate printer whenever you need to. (Click here to learn how to Share Printers in Windows 10).

Head to toolbar and select “Tools,” then “Program Options.”

Select “Device Configuration,” then “Printers.”

Open “Printer Assignments.”

Scroll down to “Sales Slips / Invoices.” Pick a printer that you want to serve as the backup. For this example, we’ll choose printer number four. Use the arrows to adjust which printer number you want to choose.

Scroll up to the printer list and select the printer you’re choosing as the backup. In “Printer Description,” name the printer something like “Backup Receipt Printer” so you remember in the future that these are the backup printer settings.

In the Printer Name pull-down menu, select the shared printer. (Click here to learn how to share a printer on Windows 10).

Click “Save.” 


Now, when a situation arises that you need to switch to the backup printer, just scroll down to “Printer Assignments” and switch the “Slip Printer” number to the backup printer number.