Using Additional Categories with WooCommerce and Artisan

There are many different reasons a client would like to use different categories on their website versus the categories assigned to the item record inside of Artisan. While Artisan is considered the main link that pushes categories and products to your WooCommerce web store, there is a way to work around this using the additional categories in Artisan.

Additional categories allow you to not use the primary category that is assigned to the item in Artisan and instead allows you to make additional categories. When you use the additional categories in Artisan this will allow the item to be updated and sync as much as needed without resetting the additional categories on Woo Commerce.

Some important things to keep in mind regarding using additional categories are the following:

  1. You will need to create each additional category inside of Artisan in the category records.
  2. You will need to enable these additional categories for the Internet Store.
  3. Use the category code in the additional category field on the item record on the internet store tab.

Below find a couple of brief videos on the process. The first video will show how to create the additional category and then add it to the item record. The second video will show you how any changes to the item in Artisan will not overwrite the additional categories you just added. You can then create your links and navigation on the website based on the categories you just created.