Using Multiple Payments

Artisan allows you to use as many payment types as you would like while finalizing a sale. On this article we will only two (Visa and MasterCard) but you can do as many as needed.

Important: When using several payment types and Cash is one of them, Cash must be the last one used so that Artisan can calculate the Change Due if there is any.

Here’s an example on how to take two payment types.

Taking First Payment Type

1. Once on the payments screen. Click over the amount being taken and type in the amount you would like for the first payment type. Do this before selecting a payment type

2. After the amount is typed in, select the first payment type. This time we are using Visa


3. Once we select Visa we are prompted to process the payment for the given amount as reflected on the top.

4. Process the charge to move on to the second payment type.



Taking Second Payment Type


Once we take the first payment using a specific payment type (Visa this time) then a remaining balance is moved to the next payment type

1. Now select second payment type and follow the same procedure as before. If a third payment type will be used then type in the amount being taken for now.



2. Now MasterCard will be charge for the remaining balanced as selected.



Once there is no balance due, Artisan will continue to print the sales slip/receipt as normal.

If you want to see the payment used on any given slip. Recall the sale and go to payments screen as shown below.

REMEMBER, if using Cash as one of the payment types, use it as last payment type so Artisan can calculate change due if any.