Windows 10 Notice

UPDATED 6/6/2016:  FIRST OFF – Artisan does work with Windows 10, but there is no specific requirement for you to upgrade. Artisan will work with or without Windows 10 for the foreseeable future. For those remaining Windows XP holdouts, you should upgrade to Windows 7 while you still can.

Microsoft has been increasing their pressure to upgrade by changing tactics to trick you into upgrading. They have now resorted to more of an Opt Out policy.  The deadline is July 29, 2016 and they have turned up the heat.

For the most part the damage is in the timing of the upgrade. We get numerous calls daily of unexpected upgrades. Honestly, this has put a burden on our support system. It is much better for everyone involved, including those with legitimate emergencies, when we can schedule a Windows 10 upgrade, usually after the store closes.

What’s the big deal?
After your computer has been upgraded to Windows 10, there are several things that may no longer function.

  1. Receipt Printer & Label Printer drivers may no longer work, and updates are harder to find. We have them.
  2. Windows Networking may no longer allow sharing of information across computers because of increased security settings. Easy fix, but a major headache when you are trying to open your store and only have one working computer.
  3. The Artisan POS report viewer is broken by Windows 10, but we have a patch to fix it. Get it here.


CerTek has tested and verified functionality of Artisan POS on Windows 10 as far as we can tell for Artisan 3.5, 4.0, and 4.1.



Here is a link for more information from Microsoft.

Please remember to completely update Windows 10, including all Windows 10 updates.

And, AS ALWAYS, make a backup of Artisan Data and your photos, and documents before proceeding. These days, we are recommending using DropBox to backup your Backup Files. Point Artisan to your a DropBox folder to make your backups and then those backups will be synced to the cloud. Please call support if you need assistance!

  • We have tested payment processing, reports, PDT’s, printers, and general functionality.
  • We have noticed that some of the printer drivers may require a little tweaking or updates from manufacturers, but we have not reports of complete incompatibility at this time. Remember that Artisan 3.5 can support Generic Text Drivers.
  • We have some computers that when upgraded may need to reinstall the VFP ODBC drivers in order for Crystal Reports to work. These are available on our download site beginning December 10th, 2015.
  • We have numerous users who have confirmed our findings and are successfully running Windows 10.


IMPORTANT: Issues with Crystal Reports

If after all system updates have been applied to Windows 10, you are still having issues viewing reports in Artisan, make sure you install the Microsoft® Visual FoxPro™ ODBC Driver Version 6.0 . You can download it from our downloads website If you don’t have credentials to enter the site, contact us, we’ll provide them for you.



Scroll Down to get see the drivers list





PLEASE report any unusual issues you encounter and solutions you have discovered so that we may share them with others.


-Your dedicated Artisan Support Team