Premium Monthly Support covers “unlimited” incidents per month and all Artisan software upgrades and updates.Premium Plans receive Higher Placement in Support Queues, Substantial Discounts on custom forms, labels, & reports. Data imports, network router or server configuration, and data recovery are not included.

All Artisan Software Support Plans & individual incident prices cover help using and configuring Artisan software, as Well as basic, general pointers on using supported devices and integrated software (such as PCCharge & QuickBooks). Or choose the Premium plan, and let us help you with your general computer needs, including basic networking. If you do not have a Premium plan, general computer & networking help not directly related to Artisan, as well as More detailed help with hardware devices not purchased directly from CerTek Software, will be charged at $50/hour (in 15-minute increments after the first hour). An Appointment is required.

Basic & Standard Plans & incidents do not include complete design or creation of custom forms, labels, reports, data Imports, network router or server configuration, or any on-site services; these are all available separately. We can,
However, give you general pointers if you want to do these on your own.