Keep track of sales, purchasing & receiving, and inventory at multiple sites. Sites can be either a seperate physical store or another department within an existing store. Common uses for sites are additional stores, warehouses, entities, departments or sub-stores that have different accounting.

Sites may be connected to each other in various ways: Cloud, local network, VPN network, or by our exclusive Remote Operation feature. Remote Operation provides continuous access to your data even when you are not connected to the Internet and continuous updates from other sites when you are.

When used at a single site, Multi-Store will allow you to track sales and inventory per location from non-computerized or virtual locations such as Kiosks and Internet stores.

Multiple sites share a common list of customers, products, and everything. Purchase Orders can be designated for an indvidual site, split between multiple sites, or received at a warehouse for distribution.

Report on a per site basis or on your entire operation.

Keep separate or combined QuickBooks accounts or utilized the QuickBooks Class feature.

Inventory Transfers can be queued in a Pending Transfer list complete with a Transfer manifest.

The Multi-Store Feature Pack is $350 per site with only one station, $500 per multi-station sites.