Open an eCommerce Store Integrated with Artisan POS

Ready to start selling online? The easy, powerful and comprehensive sales features offered by Artisan POS are designed and optimized to integrate seamlessly with your eCommerce store obtained from one of our providers.

No more having to manually juggle your inventory every time you make a sale in store or online: Once setup, your selected inventory (with or without pictures) from Artisan POS is automatically synchronized with your online shopping cart.

From there, every time an item is sold online or in-store, your inventory in Artisan is automatically updated. No more having to explain to frustrated customers how a one-of-a-kind item was sold out from under them!

Orders are automatically loaded into Artisan POS for tracking and order processing. Print receipts, packing slips, and more.




Artisan POS works magnificently with the popular eCommerce platforms Shopify, Zoey, Woo Commerce, and Magento Community Edition. Each platform offers unique functionality for business owners looking to make their online store a can’t miss destination for customers. Choose the solution that works best for your situation. Please note that one of the fantastic things about the Artisan POS solution is that you can switch to one of the other supported eCommerce platforms without having to re-enter your products and pictures!


Zoey is a premium eCommerce platform with intuitive online store design features. Choose from premade templates and launch your site with ease.

With it’s simple drag and drop tools, Zoey offers business owners and designers a way to create beautiful online stores without having to know advanced programming code. 

Zoey offers advanced features and customization where everything you design is responsive by default. That means your site will look great and drive revenue across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Zoey is a complete solution which includes hosting on their servers for an affordable monthly fee. With Zoey, there’s somebody to call when you have a question.

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Shopify is a leading provider of DIY Shopping Cart sites. It’s popularity comes from ease of use and prices starting at, $29/month, but expect to pay $79/month if you want Gift Cards, Professional Reports, Abandoned Cart Recovery and Lower Payment Processing Rates.

Shopify provides 9 free templates/themes with variations in each theme. You can purchase a premium theme from a choice of about 45 themes for less than $200. Each theme provides options, but not what we would call fully customizable.

Shopify does offer the ability to edit CSS and HTML (which translates to behind the scenes programming code), but for most folks, this is stepping off the ledge in difficulty. If you are looking for easy, stick with what Shopify offers out of the box or hire a consultant for assistance.

The bottom line for Shopify is that it may be a little less expensive but offers less flexibility and control over your site. It is a great first step without huge investment. It will help you see if your business is suited for online sales before you invest considerably more in another solution.

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Magento Community Edition

Magento is one of the most comprehensive, customizable eCommerce platforms there is. With its popular – and free – Magento Community Edition, business owners worldwide have built attractive and intuitive online stores in endless varieties.
Magento’s open source platform allows users to customize their eCommerce experience, building virtually any kind of online store they want. There are thousands of templates to kick-start your project, as well as a world full of 3rd-party web designers and services to help customers get professional results. Magento can be hosted just about anywhere allowing it to be scaled to fit your volume and budget. This makes Magento a robust solution, perfect for businesses and developers who want to create a detailed, unique eCommerce platform.

Woo Commerce is a shopping cart built for WordPress sites. WordPress is the overwhelming dominate leader in website design with a reported 75 Million web sites depending on WordPress, including  WooCommerce is a free WordPress add-on (plugin) that claims to run 1.7 Million active stores for a staggering 28% of all eCommerce sites.

So what does all this popularity mean for small business owners? It means that a whole world of potential is opened up for you if you if you want to learn how to use WordPress or utilize the skills of many professionals, probably some in your neighborhood, that are already fluent. With WordPress, WooCommerce, and Artisan POS, totally unique and powerful sites are possible. Start with a template for a fast start and then go as crazy (or not) as you want. Truly, the sky is the limit.

Our strong recommendation is to find a professional that is already familiar with WordPress and WooCommerce. Artisan will push out the data and load sales and your professional will build your site with the best and most efficient web tool available. By the way, WordPress and WooCommerce are both free… Site Hosting and other add-ons are not free, but you have the ability to choose which add-ons you need and who your hosting provider is.

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Magento Community Edition


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Shopify, Zoey, WooCommerce, and Magento Community Edition Web Interface Module are only available to Artisan POS 4.1 customers.


We offer a feature-rich Point-of-Sale application that runs successfully in all kinds of stores from Apparel to Zoos, and much more. Since Artisan fits well with so many industries, it is very likely that we will work well with yours. Call us to learn more about how Artisan can work for your specific requirements.

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