For Multi-Store or Remote Stations
Our exclusive new Cloud technology a.k.a.Remote Operation has the best of both Cloud and data hosted locally. This makes it faster and more secure. You have control over your data and you can even make your own backups.

CerTek Cloud 2.0 keeps the data locally, but is constantly keeping it up to date across the Internet on a secure connection. If your Internet goes down for a hour or for a whole day, then you will still have access to your Artisan data because it is stored locally. Temporary Internet outages are no problem or bother; Artisan will automatically catch up with your other locations when service is restored. During an outage you may continue normal operation. (Internet may be required for payment processing.)

This feature is perfect for Multiple Locations, When you Travel, Sidewalk Sales, Trade Shows & Sales Events, and even on your sales floor when your wireless network is not available, reliable, or fast enough.

For Single Locations
Local data is the best option for one location with one or more stations. Unless… you want to work from home or another physical location. Data is stored on one of your computers and shared across your local wired or wireless network. Wired is still best. Backups may be made to a cloud service, portable drive, or other local location.

Flexible Configurations
We have solutions for various situations and we can help you explore your options… give us a call.

M U L T I   S I T E    F E A T U R E S  –  Multiple Sales / Warehouse locations on independent networks.

  • Data is Shared Between Sites
  • Local Data is Fast & Reliable
  • Keep Working Even Without Internet
  • Information is Updated Continuously

R E M O T E    S T A T I O N S  –  Artisan users that are home or out in the field.

  • Take Artisan Station with you when you are away.
  • Maintain Updated Data
  • Keep Working when Internet is Unavailable

C L O U D    B E N E F I T S

  • Multi-Store Cloud
    • Track Independent Sales and Inventory
    • Transfer Inventory Between Locations
    • Sell on Behalf of or From Other Locations
    • Share Customers, Gift Cards, Loyalty Points/Coupons
  • Remote Station Cloud
    • Keep Tabs on Sales While Away
    • Run Up-To-Date Reports
    • Make Purchase Orders / Inventory Records
    • Enter Sales at Remote Venue


  • Automatically Synchronize Data Between Artisan Stations
  • Syncs Everything in Your Data
  • Make a Main Station a.k.a. “Node”
  • Each “Node” uses it’s own set of numbers for Sales, PO’s, etc.
  • Transfer Inventory and Sell from Other Locations
  • Smart merging technology allows for changes to the same records and fields at the same time and handles duplicates.
  • Data sending and receiving happens behind the scenes without interrupting your sales or work.
  • A dedicated team to assist with setup and maintenance.
  • Keep working even when Internet is not available
  • FAST – Utilizes Local Data which is the Fastest.
  • Works on Slower Internet Connections such as Cellular Hotspot
  • Data is updated continuously when Internet is Available
  • CerTek Cloud 2.0 Data can be Shared on Local Network so only one Node is needed at each location or site.
  • You control your data. Which means that you can make backups and could make a restore point (when coordinated with other locations.)
  • CerTek does NOT store a full copy of your data on our Cloud Servers.