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Unlike some other POS software providers, we do not require you to get a support plan or pay any ongoing license fees after your initial purchase. Artisan™ POS Software is very easy to use and easy to learn and some manage on their own without our assistance, however most would benefit from a little help.

We highly recommend that you get started with our 60-day “unlimited” support starter plan and 4 hours of training. These are included in register packages. This gets most stores up and running. After the 60-days choose between Standard or Premium Support. Later you may want to drop support to Basic. The Basic plan is intended for stores that want to keep up to date with new Artisan software releases and only call in for support rarely. Support plans only require a 6-month commitment, but you can always increase your plan at any time. Please keep reading for details about the various affordable Support Plans to choose from.

If you don’t have an ongoing Support Plan, you can pay for individual support incidents & upgrades. There is no charge to report actual program errors (“bugs”), and there is no charge for bug-fix updates within the same “minor” version (the same first two numbers). We also offer Internet-based “Live” Training for $75/hour ($45/hour if on a support plan, including the 60-day plan).

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Training & Support Starter Plans

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_divider admin_label=”Divider” color=”#ff6b6b” show_divider=”on” /][et_pb_pricing_tables admin_label=”Training & Starter Plan Pricing”][et_pb_pricing_table featured=”off” title=”Training” sum=”45-75″ button_text=”Contact Us” subtitle=”Internet-based” currency=”$” per=”hour” button_url=”http://certek.com/contact-sales/”]

4 hours of training is included in All Register Packages

Training will teach you concepts and broad questions like “Show me how the cash register works.” or “How do I enter my inventory and create purchase orders?”. Training is designed to be more comprehensive and cover topics more thoroughly than normal support.  We have made an effort to make our Live Training as affordable as possible. It is meant to supplement the ever expanding video tutorial library. 

Training usually works with a technician remotely connected to your Artisan station while on a phone conversation with one or more. We can even train groups from multiple computers even from different locations.

How much training do I need? Most stores only need 4 hours of training with a few needing a little less and some a little more. The goal of the 60-day support plan, when combined with training, is to get you up and running within that time frame.

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This “unlimited” plan is designed to get most stores up and running within the 60-days. After that, optional monthly support plans can take over.

Included in All Register Packages (unless otherwise specified)

Sold separately with a la carte software /hardware combinations. 

Support is conducted via the Internet through a remote control connection or email. Support technicians will not come onsite to your business.

Assists with Artisan POS Setup  (sales tax, receipt messages, users & security, program options, and general Artisan use).

Basic Hardware/Networking Assistance*

*Help beyond the basics for networking and hardware installation is billed at $75.00 per hour with a minimum of one-half hour. Your hardware must be in working order.

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 Support & Upgrade Plans


[/et_pb_text][et_pb_pricing_tables admin_label=”Support & Upgrades Pricing Table”][et_pb_pricing_table featured=”off” title=”Basic Support” currency=”$” per=”Month” sum=”39.95″ button_url=”http://certek.com/media/support/Artisan_Monthly_Support_Order_Form_2015.pdf” button_text=”Sign Up”]

Includes Artisan POS Software Updates

One single incident per month

$25/additional incident (normally $75)

Covers basic troubleshooting of Artisan

Covers basic Hardware and Networking*

Do not include complete design or creation of custom forms, labels, reports, data imports, network router or server configuration, or any on-site services; these are all available separately.We can,however, give you general pointers if you want to do these on your own.

*Networking support is limited to general connectivity and the basic file sharing and drive mappings needed to make Artisan operate.

[/et_pb_pricing_table][et_pb_pricing_table featured=”off” title=”Standard Support” currency=”$” per=”Month” sum=”54.95″ button_url=”http://certek.com/media/support/Artisan_Monthly_Support_Order_Form_2015.pdf” button_text=”Sign Up”]

Includes Artisan POS Software Updates

Same as Basic Support Plan but includes:

4 incidents per month.

Higher placement in support queues.

[/et_pb_pricing_table][et_pb_pricing_table featured=”on” title=”Premium Support” currency=”$” per=”month” sum=”99.95″ button_text=”Sign Up” button_url=”http://certek.com/media/support/Artisan_Monthly_Support_Order_Form_2015.pdf”]

Includes Artisan POS Software Updates

Same as Basic Support Plan but includes

“Unlimited” incidents (within reason), increased coverage of issues.

Highest placement in support queues, substantial discounts on custom reports, labels, and forms.

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Other Support Plans

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_pricing_tables admin_label=”Other Support Plans Table” module_class=”.et_pb_pricing_heading_custom “][et_pb_pricing_table featured=”off” title=”Single Incident” subtitle=”One time Support” currency=”$” per=”incident” sum=”75.00″ button_url=”http://certek.com/media/support/artisan_single_incident_support_form.pdf” button_text=”Sign Up”]

In order to get support without a Support Plan, you must fill in a Single-Incident Support Form, to authorize the charge for support services. You can submit this form at the time you request support, or we can keep one on file for you to avoid delays when you or your staff call in for support.

[/et_pb_pricing_table][et_pb_pricing_table featured=”off” title=”Seasonal Support” subtitle=”Seasonal Business” sum=”Call” button_url=”http://certek.com/contact-us” button_text=”Contact Us”]

Do you have a seasonal business, and don’t want to pay for support when you’re closed? We have a special Seasonal Support Plan that covers you for a 6-month period. The benefit of the seasonal plan is that it provides free upgrades all year without any penalty for discontinuing support for part of the year.

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Monthly Artisan Software Support Terms

With all the monthly support plans, except Premium, you get a specified number of incidents allocated per month. An incident is a single issue, even if the resolution involves multiple calls. It is possible to incur multiple incidents on a single call. If you are simply reporting a software “bug” (failure to behave as designed), or your problem is determined to result from such a bug, then the incident is not counted toward your total, but you may be required to install a later software version before your issue can be resolved. If you go over your incident allotment during a given month, we will charge your credit card $25.00 per additional incident. Although we will keep track of how many incidents you have placed, we are not always able to tell you in the heat of support what your current count is. We will review your account periodically, to see if you have exceeded your allotment, and charge your card accordingly. You may not “roll over” incidents from one month to the next; any unused incidents are lost. We reserve the right to count incidents on a calendar month basis, regardless of your exact signup date or the day of the month on which we charge your card. If you change plans in the middle of a month, incidents for the first part of the month will be counted according to your prior plan, prorated for the partial month.

Your credit card will automatically be charged the monthly service fee and any additional incident charges as described above. We will attempt to notify you in advance if your card is going to expire, but it is your responsibility to make sure that we have a current card on file and that we have your correct billing information. We will notify if your card is declined. If we are unable to obtain payment after 15 days, your account will be suspended, you will be billed for the balance of your commitment (the remainder of the first 6 months, or one month thereafter) plus a non-refundable $75 service charge, and any subsequent support incidents will have to be paid in advance at full price ($75 per incident for 1st hour, then $50/hr) until your balance is paid. If your account is suspended for more than 45 days, you will lose your right to software upgrades, and will have to pay full price for the next upgrade after you resume your account.

CerTek will make reasonable attempts to help you within our expertise. It is important for you to be on the latest version of the software for certain issues. Your support representative may insist that you install a free upgrade prior to continued support. CerTek support staff may request that you send us a backup copy of your data. This is a normal procedure in order for us to assist you more efficiently. We will take great care to guard the safety of your data and access to this data is limited to senior personnel.

Call Backs & Emergency Support

Our normal operation is for you to leave a message and someone will return your call promptly. Almost every call is returned the same day, most within 2 hours, and many within 30 minutes – depending on our call volume. Our support works best when we have a few moments to do any necessary research before we get back to you. However if you have an emergency in which you have customers waiting or you cannot ring up a sale or process credit cards (when using an integrated solution), then by all means, please use the emergency line. You may also use the emergency line if you have made a specific appointment. Inability to print merchandise labels is not considered an emergency. Remember that we have to deal with emergencies first, and then on to less pressing issues – if everybody calls on the emergency line, then there is nobody to help when a true emergency does come. We reserve the right to limit individual phone calls to 30 minutes, and total time in one day to 90 minutes. For non-urgent issues that may take a long time, such as initial installation support, we may require you to schedule an appointment.

Support hours are as follows:

Mon – Fri 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Time, and 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturday. Non-Urgent Calls after 5:00 (4:00 Saturday) may receive a callback on the following business day: (Tell us why you are calling.) Extended hours support is available for an additional $25/incident. Calls are routed to an answering service; Leave a message with a live operator in order to get a call when we are not in the office. After hours charges also applies to scheduled appointments.

Hardware Support:

Only the Premium support plans cover hardware unless the hardware was purchased from CerTek (directly or indirectly through an Authorized Dealer) and is still under manufacturers warranty. Hardware support is clearly defined as anything that you cannot control through Artisan. We offer several tests to help determine the nature of the problem and will assist you in this diagnosis when possible. For instance: If your receipt or sheet printer cannot print a test page from Windows, then it is a hardware issue. The exception to that is a Label printer, which can’t print a test page from Windows. Most hardware issues are from human error; something was turned off, unplugged, or otherwise neglected.

Make Regular Data Backups:

We cannot stress enough the importance of daily (at least weekly) backups of your Artisan Data. Backing up data is easy, and usually fast. Please call and ask for FREE assistance with this crucial task. As always please remember that we want to assist you, so please, cooperation is critical to a successful resolution of your issue. Listen carefully and follow the technician’s suggestions, tell the technician what happens after you perform the suggested task. By in large, we are a friendly group and most of our customers are as well. We may from time to time invoke a little humor into the sometimes-tense situation. Please remain calm, as this is the only way that we are going to assist you. Thank you

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We offer a feature-rich Point-of-Sale application that runs successfully in all kinds of stores from Apparel to Zoos, and much more. Since Artisan fits well with so many industries, it is very likely that we will work well with yours. Call us to learn more about how Artisan can work for your specific requirements.

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– Contact Sales

– Contact Support

– Call (877) 723-7835

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