General Retail – Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center

“We are pleased to report that many volunteers, who were even hesitant about using cash registers, now actually enjoy using the Artisan system.”

December 30, 2004: Dear David,

Working with volunteers as we do, it was important that we find a very user-friendly system for our five locations. We are pleased to report that many volunteers, who were even hiesitant about using cash register, now actually enjoy using the Artisan system.

It was a quantum leep for us, from the antiquated dos-based system to the new Artisan Point of Sale System. Where it occasionally took up to half an hour to close and settle a shop, we now do it in a minute.

It was important on many levels that the Retail Division of the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center be brought up to date, as we pretty much set the bar in retail operations for performing arts centers both here and in the United States and throughout the world. With over 1300 indvidual inventory items, most of which relate to the performing arts, offered at five distinct retail locations within a large city block, we are a virtual chain of stores which thankfully are now linked and managed with the Artisan POS system.

Thank you and your associates at Certek for their tireless efforts on our behalf and for their guidance and assistance at every turn.

Very truly yours, Roger Carlton Sherman, Director of Retail Operations, TBPAC

2008 Update: Dear Kay,
I just wanted to drop a line and to thank you, Laurie, Michael, DavidĀ  and all the others for the great job all of you do for me when I call in with a problem or question. You all give new meaning to the term “promptness”. I really enjoy using the Artisan software. it is very user friendly, allows me to do all the things I need to do to run 5 gift shops here, sometimes all going at the same time. The system has never crashed on me which I am very grateful for. Believe me the system we use here has got to be user friendly when we juse 32 volunteers and all of them have learned with ease how to use the registers. And some of the volunteers do not have computers at hom so when they come to sell in the gift shop it is the only time they use a computer.

So, thanks again for a super product and the world’s best customer support.

Rick Brown, Director of Retail Operations, TBPAC