The Hallman Company

Retail Consultant The Hallman Company recommends these sources for retail inventory systems or retail POS software and retail accountants:

When asked by our retail clients to recommend or refer a retail inventory system or retail POS software provider, we only recommend those companies where the software is created, marketed, and supported by the same company.

We have seen entirely too many disasters in client stores where they bought a pos software system from an independent distributor, then were “trained” to operate it by a customer support company which may be attempting to support a retail system one minute and the next minute be attempting to help someone else operate a system which was designed to read and analyze earthquake tremors. When nothing worked right, the retailers were lost in a sea of buck passing- from the distributor to the support group and from the support group to the manufacturer.

Those problems are eliminated when the people who build it, sell it, and support it are all the same people.

Naturally, any retail inventory system we recommend must be fairly priced for the marketplace, have an outstanding support and customer service department, and above all, must provide the right kind of actionable information a retailer needs to grow their business and boost profits.

Based on our clients’ experience, with very heavy weight placed on the continuing service and support after the sale, CerTek Software is our recommendation:

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