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Zoey is simple, but don’t let that fool you, Zoey is a powerful tool with plenty of high-end features. Zoey provides Artisan POS users with the ability to get selling online quickly and easily with an ecommerce site that you can be proud of.

It’s a lot of hard work making a successful site, just like it is for brick & mortar stores, and nothing makes it easier and affordable better than Zoey. You can customize and change your site to match your ever changing needs without having to pick up the phone and wait.

If you can work with products and images in Artisan POS, then you can handle Zoey.

How it Works:

Design your site in Zoey provide all the things a good site should do. Tell your customers where you are, when you’re open, and what makes you special. Add decorative photographs of your store, products, customers, and more to tell your unique story, style, and culture.

Enter in your all your products into Artisan POS and select the ones you want to publish online. Add images and descriptions, weights, and other details right in the familiar Artisan POS interface.

CerTek helps you configure Artisan POS and the online store to work together and automatically keep your products and sales up to date.

Process your Orders in Artisan POS and print out Invoices, Receipts, Packing Slips, and more.

Track your orders and order history all within Artisan POS. If a customer emails to repeat a previous order, no worries, this is easy. Artisan POS stores a complete customer history and you can even duplicate a previous sale if you want.

Zoey Offers:

  • Drag & Drop Design (Programming Skills Not Required.)
  • Snap-To Guides help make it easy, neat, and clean.
  • Responsive Themes (Looks great on any device.)
  • Presets Library with pre-built design assets like menus, buttons, banners, and slideshows.
  • Style Editor for easy control of one or many elements across your site.
  • Search Optimization Tools (Why have a store if folks can’t find you?)
  • Integrated with Marking Platforms such as Google AdWords, MailChimp, and more.
  • Advanced Catalog features such as Faceted Searches, Swatches, and image Zoom
  • Categories and Product Variants such as color and size help you organize your products, all handled within Artisan POS

Visit zoey.com to learn more.



Click to watch short video, visit zoey.com/features for more videos.